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24 Jul 2005
I have just been browsing the forum and on the subject of the tiptronic gearbox, I feel that it is not generally liked by the true enthusiast!. I have always been a keen manual box driver but when I found an 97, 2 owner, 18k miles mint 993 - but tiptronic, I thought Porsche know their stuff about driving experiences and bought it . Having now owned it for 18 months I still think I made the right choice.

To fully appreciate these boxes you really do have to learn how to use the various modes and tricks. I would say that the average driver in a tip would do very well in the traffic light sprint every time because he will get it right every time. When you push hard on the loud pedal in manual mode and let the red line automatically change up for you, the endless surge is quite an experience. And when you are in a stop/start traffic situation it does relieve alot of the stress.

My only dislike was the direction of change of the gear lever (the steering wheel buttons are easy confused when driving quite actively) but I have changed this to a 'pull back to change up' which I find more natural.

Is there anyone else out there that agrees that the manual drivers might just be missing out on a good thing?

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Horses for courses I suppose. I love autos for the daily grind, but enjoy the extra dimension of getting a gear change right when driving for fun.

I also prefer the sound and throttle response of a manual car- no torque converter slur...

Plus, the tip has one gear less.

That said, I did drive a 993 Tip a while ago and enjoyed it much more than I expected. Not having to worry about the gear changes does allow you to focus on keeping your hands on the wheel and your mind on the road ahead.

And no car or bike beat me in the traffic light grand prix when I had a Jag XKR!

I've now found the perfect compromise on my daily driver in the form of a Sequential Manual Gearbox.

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nothing wrong with a tiptronic...... esp in heavy traffic.. when a manual can be very tiring!

iirc, the 993 model have 4 diiferent driving programmes, where as the latest 997's have 200+

but back then, the 4 speed auto with buttons on the wheel was ahead of the time...

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I find Tiptronic gives the car an added 'dimension' - a bit on / off, if you see what I mean. OK at low speeds - a cruiser, nice & steady. Mental at top revs (80 in 2nd gear) - just concentrate on keeping the car on the road - no messing with clutch / gears. But needs manual intervention in between, sometimes. Do miss that 'control' a manual gives, 'though how a 993 covers ground is probably more down to the driver (skill & bottle) rather than the gearbox...... These flappy paddle gearboxes do seem to be the way of the future .... so the marketing people tell us..:)

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As I have recently just aquired my 996!! :D
I'm still getting used to all that extra power!!

The 944 was great and I still love it but obviously nearly twice the power is a tad different and you do need to get used to it!

The Tip gearbox too is great. It can be easy and relaxing yet when needed it does all that a manual can.....well so far as Far as I can see!!

More to follow I guess!

Sooooo....as the little buttons for changing gear seem so sensible on the steering wheel why did they swop them to the flappy paddle things??!?!

Am I being cynical or is it so people can be "just like a race car driver" or do they have a real purpose?

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I would imagine the 'flappy paddle thingies' would be easier to use than Porsches little buttons as they are always in the same place and easy to find. This is why I prefer to use the gear lever at times as I have on more than one occasion shifted in the wrong direction !!

Once when I browsed the interweb I came across a 'flappy paddle' kit for presumably earlier cars with standard steering wheels, but I can't seem to find the web site anymore that sold them. Has anyone else come across this?

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Cheers for that Mark,

Although I guess I'll never own a ferrari to find out the difference. Well not unless I become rich....but then I'd want an older Ferrari along with assorted older Porshes and and and ... ok Stop now! :p
,,,....nice to dream I guess

Mind you doesn't the ickle Smart car have the "flappy paddles"?!?!

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The 964/993 tip had the gearlever which is useful for hairpin bends ... though the 996 got 5 gears and the shift feature in auto (saves kicking down). I wonder if anyone's tried to fit a 996 tip to a 993?

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The 996 shift feature in auto sounds useful (I hate using kick down - its too agressive sometimes when overtaking)

I have mastered the 'swift across and forward motion' of the lever, but usually forget to switch back to auto!

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I use the shift function on my 996 far less than I thought I would. There's a great deal of control and power available with the kickdown once you get used to it. I love the way you can kick down 2 gears by really flooring it :D

After driving the car for a while the auto mode appears to adjust to fit your style of driving. e.g. constant use of the kick down seems to result in the engine revving higher before changing up in normal use.

I was dead set against a tip before I bought one. But now it seems to be the perfect drive for me. I guess I'm a far more lazy driver than I thought.

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There is no need to use kickdown as long as you use your tip in manual mode and use the gears. Never liked the buttons on the steering wheel and only ever used the gear lever to change.

As I have a manual now can see the what is good in both modes, but to be truthful if all you are doing is trying to drive fast and not worried about change down blips on the throttle etc. nothing can beat a tip.

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I'm a week into my first Tip and it really is growing on me, with the ever increasing traffic it makes life so much easier especially when your sat nose to tail.

When driving a manual and someone pulls out on you, your thoughts are about finding a brake, a clutch and gearstick all at once besides making decisions about control, etc. Taking 2 of these out of the equation can some times give you more thinking time as it did to me today.

My only chew so far with the Steering mounted buttons are that i have audio mounted controls on my Mazda6 in exactly the same place and i use both vehicles every day. One minute i''m trying to change gear and all i'm getting is Radio 4!

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Tiptronic was the only choice for me for a couple of reasons:

1: This is our only car here in Hong Kong, so my wife has to be able to drive it (she cant drive manual);

2: Manual 993s (or any porsche for that matter) are a rare breed. With so much stop-start traffic in Hong Kong, most buyers opt for Tiptronic.

Tiptronic was thus a great compromise for me.

Having spent a good few weeks now with my 993 (predominately weekend driving), I'd have to say generally the system is quite good. Mated to the varioram engine, there's plenty of torque down low, so you can upshift very early for a leisurely drive. On the run, quick shift down (and I use the lever as oppose to the steering mounted buttons, btw) and hit the gas - there's plenty of surge. It just makes the 993 a great car for every situation.

My only gripe is that there are only the four gears, and at most times, unlike other tiptronic cars (eg VW Passat), at a stop, the car rests on 2nd gear, so there's only the two shifts up.

All in all, thumbs up for the Tip. There's no jerk when coming to a stop (like on the VW Passat) when it switches from 2nd to 1st - but then as I said, it doesnt come back down to 1st. [Out of interest, does this apply to all tip 993s, or just mine?]

The steering mounted buttons are a bit redundant for me, as I prefer the lever but it's good to have it there in any case. And there's no chance of mixing up with the stereo volume buttons as there are none on the 993!



[96 993 C2 Tip, Polar Silver / Black, Clear lenses, Factory Xenon, 17" Cup Design Rims]

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I had little choice on the tiptronic, because I damaged my left knee playing rugby and the clutch just hurts too much at times.

But having said that my last car was tiptronic and the 996 is a step up from that. I am really enjoying it at the moment. Mum has a 996 manual, which I drive every now and again and I can't say I notice the difference much once it is going (10mph +).

By the way does anyone else's mum drive the same car as them?

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did you know that if you select '3 Auto' your car will always set off in 1st gear ?

I also prefer to use the lever, which I have altered to change-up when I pull it back and change-down when I it push forward.

I think Porsche got that one wrong.

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