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Tiptronic "Issue"


14 Jan 2003
Hi Guys,

Driving home from the parents on Boxing day along the M20, suddenly the battery warning light comes on, the "!" warning light then came on and I'm looking at the dashboard in shock!!

I tried to move from the fast lane across to the slow lane as quickly as possible and took another look at the dash. The tiptronic display no longer showed the gear that I was in when in automatic mode, so I switched it across to tip and it wouldn't change up or down gears - sh*te!!

The car seemed to still be OK in auto mode, except that it wouldn't display the gear selection, so I continued along the M20. At my exit, I came off the slip road up to a set of traffic lights at the end, as I slowed I noticed that the car wasn't dropping any gears!! Thankfully, it got me all the way home in 4th!!

Pound signs starting through my head, so I rang my old man to see if he had any ideas. He told me to check the fuses to see if they had blown, I went off to take a look and things appeared to be OK, but to doubly be sure I changed the 15A fuse for another one in the fuse box. Started the car, and everything is now fine!!!!!!!

So, my word of warning for all you guys with tiptronics is to carry a spare 15A fuse at all times!!


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It was apparently nothing to do with the fuse at all - I'm sure that was just a red herring - I reckon it's just a Boxing Day thing ' cos my tiptronic also went boss-eyed for the first time on that very day! Driving along in auto with no gear changes occuring (!), put in into tip', nothing (!!), red light on the dash (!!£). Got home and looked in the driver's manual, which explained how it works if there's ever a fault/glitch with the system, then got back into the car and it drove perfectly. All that remained to be done thereafter was to hit the local garage for a dangly air freshener thingy, and have the heavy soiling removed from the driver's seat.

Happy New Year y'all!

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Funnily enough I was driving home from Bromley at the time!!!


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hi i have just had the same problem ,weird. stopped and re started engine a few times but still the same...help
tiptronic issue

It's the "get you home safely mode"
Happened to me. I booked the car into the local main agent, but starting her up again - no problem. However, for peace of mind I still took her in.
They explained that a Tiptronic unit should be serviced at around 80k? and that there was a filter that would need to be changed. Although a '97 my car had only done 30k, but I went ahead with the service and filter change.
Touch wood no problems since.
thanks, really weird drove car for another day and still problem . then parked it up, came back to car 15 mins later and all back to normal...been driving for another day and it all seems fine , i will contact porsche and see what they say as well . thanks. weird!!!!!!

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