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Tiptronic gear change hiccup - or maybe the norm??


14 Apr 2013
Hi all,

So got the handling all sorted thanks to CG and a load of new suspension arms and bushes...now onto the next job.....

The car may have an issue when changing gear. It seems to change say from 3rd to 2nd and then a second or two later kind of hiccups like it is changing twice? It seems to do this in all gears. However at low revs when going round a roundabout in 2nd and then on the gas to pull off it seems to hesitate or maybe misfire slightly before full power is engaged.?

Can someone with a Tip, tell me just how smooth these boxes are and if once you change that's it or is there like a second engagement a second or so after you change – its not a major issue but it would be good to know if there is a fault or not? All the above is done when in 'manual' mode using the steering wheel shifters.

I hope this makes sense?

On the jobs list is to replace Dizzy caps / rotor arms and HT leads when the plugs get done at the next service..... which can only help if there is a slight misfire somewhere....but plugs aren't due until next year....??

...........and please no body say - 'should have bought a manual' as i didn't fit in one!!

Lig. :lol:
Are sure it's engine and not gearbox related? What's the mileage? When was the ATF fluid replaced? New fluid can make a big difference.
Lig said:
...........and please no body say - 'should have bought a manual'

OK ......... You should have bought a 996.

car has done 108K and I had the ATF and filter changed a couple of weeks ago. It has got a leak, suspect drive shaft oil seal, which is being fixed tomorrow, so new ATF will be put in again.... The garage did overfill it slightly because of the leak, but i am pretty sure it was doing this before. Maybe tomorrow it will go away, but i think not...

As for the 996, yes it was a consideration - I liked the Turbos, but the image didn't sit well with me and I don't really like the front or rears of the 996 - the doors are Ok I suppose....... :lol:


Without actually having been in your car, the double change thing is normal. It is the torque converter locking up. It only happens at lower revs, not when you are pushing on.

The down changes can be less than smooth if you do not match the engine revs, a bit like in a manual car.

There is a technique to getting the best from the Tip's and a few threads on the subject.

I love my Tip.

+1 What Berni says. I remember mine how it felt like it had a 'sub-gear' going from 2-3 and 3-4. I normally noticed it going up motorway slip roads at a normal pace.

Thought the box was knackered - but torque converter in play :thumb:

May be worth changing out the fluid as by all accounts it smooths out the changes. Never got around to changing mine but it only had 50k on it.
Thanks Berni and Zingari, thats just the kind of responses i like :D .

I guess its just a case of getting to know the car and mastering the revs/change....


it can take some getting used to for sure, and it may always bug you a bit. Its a quirk, but there for a reason. Unless cold the Tip's love to pull away in 2nd. if you knock it down to 1st when you pull away and rev to about 3k before changing to 2nd you will avoid the lockup phase as the box will already be locked by then.

That is from memory by the way! I will test it later. Edit, yes that is the way it works. About 2,800 seems enough. Also changing up ver early will avoid it as well.

As Bernie says :agree:
When just pootling around in slow moving traffic, the box much seems happier to be in drive, but when you put in in manual and push on a bit, it's like prodding an angry dog, it seems to really come alive.
I don't understand the reasoning for starting off in 2nd thing though, I nearly always put it in 1st and then move over to D even in slow traffic when pulling away.
According to the service schedule the fluid and filter should be changed every 24K, but it's not too easy to change all the fluid in one go because of the front cooler rad. But that's a whole new thread!

You may or may not be aware that the tip box actually learns from your driving style, it runs on fuzzy logic. A mate of mine who had a tip in Q8 got into mine and he said it felt so different regarding the gear changing.

I personally use the car in D mode most of the time and it runs very smoothly, I changed my filter and oil about 9 months ago and my car has only done 92 K Km. However, I too on the odd occasion have had the "hiccup" gear change, it happened once when I kicked down and then let straight up it sort of hesitated but it was a split second only.

ATB :)
Thanks Guys and I didnt know that Decgraham. At the moment it changes as fast as it can into 4th. So at about 35mph it will be in 4th or nearly?!

Is there a way of resetting this? I have changed the battery recently, but it still seems to drive in D the same i.e set off in 2nd always and change up rapidly.....

Lig said:
Thanks Guys and I didnt know that Decgraham. At the moment it changes as fast as it can into 4th. So at about 35mph it will be in 4th or nearly?!

Is there a way of resetting this? I have changed the battery recently, but it still seems to drive in D the same i.e set off in 2nd always and change up rapidly.....


Hi Lig,

For more info have a look at this link :-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manumatic

OK to re set your tip box, I did read somewhere (sorry can't remember where) that if you disconnect the battery and the controller for 10 minutes and then reconnect, controller first then the battery it should be go back to basic. The controller for the tip box is under your passenger seat behind the motronic ECU controller. What you are trying to do is basically make the controller forget the previous driving style. I have not done this myself so tread with caution.

Hopefully a poster on here with more knowledge than me will confirm or reject my comments.

Good luck.

ATB :)

If you want to use auto rather than manual in town then put the car in 3 rather than D and then the car will start off in 1st gear and stop at 3rd.

Its the only auto mode that I can bear to use, and even then only rarely. Like in very bad weather.


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