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Tip or manual

30 May 2022
Morning All,

After 8 years out of Porsche ownership I'm finally ready to return after a very messy divorce.

My current weekend car is a Z4M which is fun but I miss the looks of the 911 and hate the manual gearbox.

Not having driven a water cooled 997 will I regret buying a tip? I am thinking of a 997.1 with a Hartech rebuild purely because I will hardly drive it and it annoys me that my 2006 Zed is over £600 a year to tax.

Thanks, Simon
If the car is not been used as a daily I would be going for the manual option. But if it was more than that then maybe tip. Each to their own I guess. :thumbs:
Good question...10 years ago I'd say Manuel all day long but as I get older I find the triptronic makes life hell of a lot easier...
Plus if you live in a busy city with a trillion traffic lights and roundabouts the clutch takes a hiding....that's my opinion but each to your own.
I think I'll have to try both. I'm just worried the tip might feel a little slow compared to my Z4.

That said I never drive the zed because GF says it's too jerky which is probably my driving.

I once made a big mistake buying a 964 tip and it turned a fast car into not so fast car. Maybe the modern tip is a lot better.

My daily is a 535d at moment and the auto box in that is fantastic.

Quite looking forward to looking but GF hates it and says I don't do anything but look at internet. :floor:
If you're fed up with a manual box a 997 Tiptronic is as good a traditional auto as you'll find. You'll always have the chance to switch it into 'M' and use the buttons to change manually if you want to.

For 99% of drivers a Tip would be no slower than a manual transmission. From what I've heard the difference between early autos and those fitted to 996/997 is like night and day.

If you like the box in your BM there's no reason you won't like the one in a 997.
I have recently had both and have no preference. Certainly not having to change gear is a bonus here in London.

I also recently changed a clutch and that box is soooooooooooo heavy!!!
Weekend sports car = manual for me

If you're looking for a GT, the 911 is good, but there are better cars for that IMO.
Years ago I would have said manual all day long. I'm older now and bought a tip and love it. It is quick and kicks down readily and excellent in heavy traffic. Fun to drive in manual mode but obviously not as fast changing as a PDK.
...I used to deride auto drivers...I then passed 50 years old and every car I own is an automatic!

...my 996.2 is a Tiptronic combined with AMG paddles and a Sprint Booster which suits me perfectly...

...occasionally I find myself thinking that I should have purchased a manual but quickly remind myself that these thoughts are influenced by the sports cars should be manuals rethoric...

...the reality is that our roads are so congested that any thoughts of really stretching a cars legs are quickly quashed by driving miss daisy in her Nissan Micra!

...so for me; auto all day long and twice on Sunday :thumbs:
I've got a PDK which is good if you like to drive slowly and great if you want to drive very quickly; my other project car is a manuel, and it's fabulous, but I rarely take that into town as it's basically a track car, and far too noisy and stiff for the city. It's good to have both.
I also think that your budget comes into play with this, I started off looking for a manual coupe and looked at a few high mileage examples with poor history and a huge amount of owners.

I ended up buying a newer lowish mileage C4S with great history and a much more palatable number of owners, I didn't blow the budget but bought a convertible tiptronic because they are less sought after.

When I was younger I wouldn't have entertained an automatic or a convertible but I can honestly say that I don't regret it for a second, it's like owning two cars and for once my wife loves our "weekend toy" which is a first. :thumb:

Don't rule it out because the keyboard warriors say that you should.

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