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Simon W

Well-known member
21 Jun 2003
Merry Xmas all.....hope everyone got what they wanted.....

For starters, this isn't an advert disguised as a question.. :lol:

Having made my mind up to sell (3 children and 900 miles in the past 12 months....), I'm interested in people's opinions on sale timing. Generally I know that December / January is a bad time to try and sell your average runaround. However, I reckon I've got a fairly sought after car to sell and my head says that those people that are interested in a motor like mine could have been looking for a while and there wont be any significant advantage in me waiting til March / April to post an advert. Is that sound logic?

I have no major financial motivation to sell, so I could hang on until spring or summer 2013 - but not sure i'd end up with any more money.

Simon, a well written advert and sensible price will sell your car so I say get writing, as there are people (some on here!) looking for cars just like yours regardless of the time of year.

From what I've seen of it I the flesh, hot cakes spring to mind !!
Simon W said:
Having made my mind up to sell (3 children and 900 miles in the past 12 months....),
:eek: Congratulations on the recent birth of your triplets! :D

Regarding the timing of your sale: You're only looking for one buyer, not a mass-market, so it's pointless trying to be too "scientific" about it.
There's always one buyer out there somewhere, so the sooner you make it possible for him to find you (by advertising) the better.
There might even be glut of sellers on the market in the spring, all thinking it's the right time to be selling a sports car.
I would agree and say that seasonality doesn't apply with a car such as ours.

I bought both of mine in winter.
Based on my current buying foray this month has been very popular - all the ones I was interested in have sold :pc:

There is no season to these cars, although I would suggest this week may be busy given that we are into a specialist market and have time on our hands between Christmas and New Year to take a look at what is out there.
Mine sold this week, and received the email confirming on Xmas day.
I also had someone else viewing tomorrow, and had another poteinal buyer enquiring yesterday, from Germany, ( but also lives in London ) via Car and Classic, site yesterday.
As Zingers said, most people are off work, and have plenty of time to scan the net.
I bought my 993, in Feb, after browsing over the Xmas break.
If the buyer has the money, it doesn't matter what time of year it is.
What worries me, is the amount of times, you've been in and out of a 993 :floor:
Does this mean your going to regret it, and be back soon :?:
It's one of the things I'm worried about.
Thanks for the input. The consensus seems to be that time of year is not particularly significant. I expect I'll write an ad and get it up for sale in January.

As for whether i'll be back in a 993, I would like to think so at some point. I've never been one of those that say they're the best Porsche ever made, or better than a Fezza / Lambo / etc etc. But they work for me and I honestly believe they're fabulous cars. In each of the two previous cases, when I've sold I have said to myself that I would not be buying another but when faced with the prospect of buying something different, I keep on coming back! Despite this, in the past I've sold for the right reasons. The first because i was about to get married and needed the funds and the second because i went to USA to work and didn't know how long I'd be gone for.
Now, with a car I love in a colour / spec I'm unlikely to find again, I'm selling because I can't see myself using the car in the foreseeable. 3 kids and a wife just don't fit, and on the rare occasions I'm out on my own more often than not I'm meeting friends and having a drink. I could store it, but I've never been a believer in owning a car and not driving it. Feels pointless. And as these cars start to become more collectible, the necessity to maintain them to a high standard becomes ever more important; without the payback of driving it, frankly I think I'm wasting my money.

All of the above = head reasons.
Every time I catch sight of the rear end of the 993 I wonder if I'm making a mistake.
Anyway - ta for the opinions.
Simon, your car is the most desirAble spec (C2S) manual and one of the most desirable colours. That car will walk away easy likely an ad here is all you will need. Loads of people lurk on this site but be never post. I some pieces of advice. Firstly make time to get a definitive drive out preferably early one Sunday morning. I know a great a -b road route from Guildford to Hayling Island. I will happily wingman for you and we eat at the pub at the end. You need to lock a definitive memory of a proper drive right down before you part. I'd also consider getting some proper pics taken for posterity.

If it were me I would also hold out for a private sale. These aren't Ferraris but they are specialist cars. A serious buyer will likely look to get to get an inspection but if my experience is anything to go by you won't get delusionists or tyre kickers. Maybe a few chancers looking to see if you are desperate and willing to be low balled.

Ultimately it's a car and with 3 kids I can see where you are coming from. Ive got a five year old and I barely use mine. There are loads of interesting cars to try out there and in order for a new relationship to begin, one has to end.

Pm me for a Bon voyage spin out! Merry Xmas chum
When I sold my 4s it was winter, I had two people look at it and the second paid the full price almost on the spot....

I also have 3 kids (and a wife) so I bought an Infiniti FX50s. Good fun for a couple of months but guess what I am back in now ;)

We have an old s-max for the other duties and if I need to get the kids (well, teens) in the back I fold them in carefully and put up with the moaning for the infrequency it happens :)
Steve - sensible advice as ever mate - I will call you for that early Sunday morning final hurrah.....

cobalt911 - my 3 are all in car seats still so no way of squeezing them in sadly.

I reckon for a small % of what I could sell my 993 for, I could get into a 996 and have 90% of the fun without feeling that I had too much money sitting ont he road doing very little. That might (or might not) be enough for me.
Simon W said:
I reckon for a small % of what I could sell my 993 for, I could get into a 996 and have 90% of the fun without feeling that I had too much money sitting ont he road doing very little. That might (or might not) be enough for me.

Oh dear.

Sell the car if you have to, but all of this sensible/reasoned stuff is bollox.

As you pointed out yourself....

Simon W said:
Every time I catch sight of the rear end of the 993 I wonder if I'm making a mistake.

I'm not even shopping, not in the market, no plans to change...

But when I saw you post, selling a late model black 993 C2s, I (like many others I'm sure) was doing the maths: What would I get for mine? What would he be asking for his? Justifying even thinking of it by saying to myself 'That would be it, I'd not ever need to change again', while thinking 'what else can I sell?'.

It's an anti-marmite car yours, it's all of the market IMO, anyone wanting a 993 will want it, even those with a 993 will want it.

orangecurry said:
:hand: there are some weird psycho-crazy 993 owners that prefer the NB

It's like when you are at school: You hate your school right?, but when you go into town and meets kids from the other school, it's all this 'Our school is better than yours' stuff.


In exactly the same way, I think everyone want's a WB black 993, even if they claim to like what they have more. If anyone says that is not true then it means that it really is.


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