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Thurs 13th Baden Baden, last night blow out.


4 Oct 2010
If the last night blow out is going to be Baden Baden I Don't mind taking this one on, I have already started to research and have been in contact with the good hotel I know. I know where the decent bars and Restaurants are too, the Casino is close by.

The issue in Baden is parking with being an old spa town, there is a multi storey (wagener) that all the central hotels use and the hotels that have their own parking slightly out of town are £200-£300 (Dorint and Brenner hotels) a night. The spa hotel I'm enquiring about is around £80 and worth it.

This is what I've asked so far..

me said:

I have stayed at your hotel a few times when I have worked near Baden Baden, I have recommended your hotel to 7 friends plus me for a visit to Baden Baden. I really like your hotels location and the staff have always been very friendly.

When I have stayed before I have parked my hire car in the car park away from the hotel in the car park, the problem is this time my friends are very fussy about their cars as am I as we will all be in our own cars (x eight) for the trip and wondered if there was secure parking you could arrange when we visit. If I tell my friends there is only a public car park they would not want to book but if you have an idea of where we could park securely this might help swing the opinion of staying at Heliopark.

If you can help please email and I will book the final leg of our tour at your hotel.

Kind Regards,

Chris Pointon.

hotel said:
Dear Mr Pointon,

Thank you very much for your recent Mail.

Unfortunately there are no other parking places in town, than the regularly parking places 'Wagener", 'Kurhaus" or 'Kongresshaus". If you are looking for a hotel owned parking, I would recommend the Dorint Hotel or the Brenner´s. We would be happy to accommodate you and your guests, but we can not offer any similar than these hotels. We can only offer the 'Wagener" which you already know. But this place is safe and even camera controlled. So far, nothing bad happened there.

Please let us know, if this works for your friends.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards from the oldest hotel of the city Baden-Baden

Babette Schmahl
I've never been to baden Baden

I've been to Glasgow and Birmingham city Center( I wouldn't park a corsa's in either)
Cris you have been there I'm happy with what you think
Baden-Baden is a very nice spa town but I've only ever been there once before and can't recall where I parked. It is quite a wealthy/affluent place so I wouldn't feel too concerned about parking, for me the main consideration should be proximity to the hotel...

I might have suggested Heidelberg which is a little further north of Baden-Baden but they only seem to have underground parking with steep curving ramps - quite common in old towns like that... :nooo:
...or how about we take a minor detour to finish up in Stuttgart - pork museum anyone :?:
Youd still need an extra day to go there though. Black forest day is plenty of driving and the friday will be the same getting back to calais.
Ok, as I said I've already been so if it doesn't fit in with the schedule then I'm happy to stick to the original route :thumb:
id love to go there but wouldnt it be best to dedicate somt ime to it ?

even if we went early doors on the friday it would still be a huge stressful race to get back to the tunnel on friday afternoon ... tell me if im wrong though ??
You're not wrong but I don't have a train to catch...:bandit:
any hotel that has a babette working there has to be worth staying in - no?
Fuchs said:
any hotel that has a babette working there has to be worth staying in - no?


Especially one that sounds as helpful and accommodating as Miss (hopefully) Schamahl

Can you ask her for a pic before we make the final booking?


The spa one sounds good Chris. The 'Wagener' quite clearly doesn't have an crime issues.

As Chimp says it an affluent area and devoid of trouble, The Wagener is quite a modern Car Park with all the latest security gear, that's not my worry, I am worried for you splitter guys getting in and out. I've seen high end sports cars in there before so it may be fine. I'm sure mine would be fine at -40mm but I don't have a splitter.
There are a couple of spaces right outside the hotel but they don't advertise them as parking, if there is an issue getting in the parking they'll let you park there I'm sure.
Baden would be a good place to pick up sweeteners for the other halves before the final push home.

Are we all OK with this hotel and Baden Baden before I book or shall I wait a little longer? This is the hotel I was thinking of if you haven't already had a look.
The one with parking does seem more sensible, but happy with either choice.
Indoor spa :eek: One of you would P in it :grin:
The Radison looks okay too ratings not quite as good but we only require a bed for the night. I'm happy with the Radison as the parking is on site, its a bit further to walk into town but I would assume only 5/10 minute further. :thumb:

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