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Thinking about a Ferrari 360 Modena - anyone help?


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10 Jun 2012
I recently developed a skin rash and saw my doctor. He said it was common in this summer season with mature men to develop an infectious rash that started off in Italy. He called it a Ferrari itch and the best prescription is to join a good forum and trawl the forum for information about owning a Modena and read as much as I can about the Model and specifications and what to look for.

Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Does anyone have experience of the Turbo and a Ferrari Modena? How does the Fezza compare and what about all those horrendous stories about them always needing expensive maintenance and servicing that can empty your wallet far quicker than any Porsche ever can?

I am thinking about a 360 Modena but prices seem high (c£45k) and I hear such nasty stories of hopeless reliability and horrendous maintenance costs. Can anyone share their Fezza experience with me?
I know two people who own / have owned 360s, one of them sold it because it was getting too expensive to run, he was spending about £5k a year on servicing and repairs, he bought a 458 to replace it because it has 7 years of servicing and warranty in the price (he must have a degree in man-maths).
The other guy still owns his car, it is mainly a very expensive garden ornament, he is scared to drive it for fear of it breaking or of the miles he will put on it decreasing the value of the car. When it does go he loves it, and it looks and sounds superb.

The look and sound is seductive. But like the Turbo, I'd use it as a week-end car doing around 4k-5k miles per annum. Touch wood, the Turbo has been phenomenal and very reliable. But Ferrari doesn't seem to have that reliability-at-a-good-price factor.

I wuldn't want to have a car where I fear going out in it and it breaking something. The 458 is way out of reach. The Modena is around £45k for a 2000 - 2001 model with around 30k miles. Had not apprecaited that putting the miles on it drops the residual values. Helpful post - thanks.
Cheshire, fellow Moderator apw (Andrew) has had a 996 Turbo and 996 GT2 followed by an F360 Challenge Stradale. Whilst not exactly the model you are seeking, it might be worth sending him a pm to glean some thoughts. Otherwise any reading I have done around 360s suggest it is an inferior car to the F355.......However, what do I know?

~ Maxie :thumb:
I think Samba Lee had a 360???

And although I don't currently have time to check his previous posts, I think he recently put it up for sale!
What little research I've done means the Challenge Stradale is not for me - bit like a GT3 version of a 996 NA car.

The 355 research suggests corrosion but the 360 was an aluminium body I understand. My interest and itch is at a superficial level - just trying to find out as much as I can before making any foray into a purchase.

Beautiful look and sound - but poor reliability and horrendous maintenance bills seems to be the highlight of early research. I am in love with my Turbo - just came back from a spin - still grinning :grin:

The Turbo is a childhood dream and the thrill has not worn off - I am in love with the Turbo - I am in a different world when I'm behind the wheel and still can't believe I have one - 12 months on into ownership.

But a Ferrari is a nice sounding beast - different car - like chalk and cheese. But if that difference is sleepless nights worrying about bills and having a garden ornament then I may wait until I have a proper budget to run it. The Turbo has a good budget but I hear these Italian Stallions can shrink a Porsche budget in no time - if so, then not for me with my means at present. It is vital to not only buy a supercar but to have a budget to look after it properly.
jackal2513 said:
Save a little and get a 2005 F430 imo


This old chestnut! :grin:

Go into it with your eyes wide open (or make sure you keep them shut).

The Good: You will love every second but it comes at a price. I found it cost me, mile for mile, between 2x or 3x what I spent on my Turbo or GT2 but then I 'used' my car.

The Bad: You will find most owners do around 2k miles a year (most probably because they have more than one weekend car) so exceed that and your car will depreciate faster than the others.

The Ugly: Parts don't last, do the miles and it will cost you. Drive on B roads and you will be shocked at how quickly things will wear out (ball joints, engine mounts etc). Parts and servicing are more expensive (don't forget belt changes) and more often than not you will be using after market parts because the Ferrari ones are rubbish.

You still reading?

The Very Ugly: Drive them in the wet and it will cost you even more - stone chips allow the water in and the aluminium body will oxidise (the paintwork is appalling), brake pistons will rust and then stick which will require a rebuild, etc. I could go on but I'm sure you get the picture.

Buy on condition, keep the miles down (which I found impossible to do) and don't think you will regret it. Just walking up to the the car gets the heart pounding. Almost forgot, get ready to be noticed, nearly every female (young to old) will try to see who is driving the car. :D
Have a look at this thread, might provide some insight.


Would it be replacing the turbo or be as well as?

I'm currently in the costa del sol on holiday (Banus to be exact) and have seen more ferraris this past few days than you would believe. At one point I saw 7 parked outside a pub!!

There is always a 911 lurking near them and they always draw as much attention. I think that when you live with one of these cars your appreciation as to why you always loved them from being a child diminishes very slightly and you end up looking elsewhere.

I too have been looking at Fezzas but a well looked after 911 is always a sight and sound to behold!
I own a 360 spider manual and its simplicity in itself the engines and gearboxes are near bullet proof and in the manual so easy to repair if required. The bodywork is no problem just keep it polished and see to any deep stone chips and you will be ok, keep it serviced and fluids changed regularly and it will be fine. Try to find one that's had as few owners as poss, not easy ,and has full history. I sold my boxster which I absolutely loved and bought the 360 and I have no regrets just owning it gives me so much pleasure let alone driving it. To many people are afraid of ferraris and rightly so in days gone by, but these modern cars are in a different league. Ferraris are commodities and are always sought after, just see how many red cream manual spiders there are for instance with few owners, not many! just go for it and relax and enjoy ,every drive out is an event, good luck Mike
Ive met a few Porsche owners, and ther eseems to be a un iform a lot of us wear.
A decent polo shirt.
Ralph, hugo, or with a nice crocodile.
Maybe a button down shirt.
Jeans, or chinos.
Loafers or timberlands.
A regular trip to the barbers.
A decent razor, and decent soap.
Rolex if possible.

What you've got to get to grip with when purchasing a Ferrari is all the peripheral cost involved in ownership.

Try and cultivate a big bouffant hair do first.
A touch of grey at the sides is okay, just hold it all together by using a good hair dresser, and they cost.
Bounce off this a little saving, you can shave every three days.

Chase this up with a spray tan weekly..
A groomed forest of chest hair.
Adorn this with a decent sized medallion on a big, big chain.
Plenty of Stallione Wilde after shave daily, shave or not.

Ferrari's really do require you to look the part, and it costs.
Or so it seems.

Just sayin.
What I am an ugly 57 year old lorry driver whose daughter n law clips his hair with john Lewis cutters and I go out in mine in my pj,s. No airs and graces here just good manners, the Ferrari owners I know are pretty much the same, maybe a few London type celebs may seek those looks , but not here. Mike
mike brown said:
What I am an ugly 57 year old lorry driver whose daughter n law clips his hair with john Lewis cutters and I go out in mine in my pj,s. No airs and graces here just good manners, the Ferrari owners I know are pretty much the same, maybe a few London type celebs may seek those looks , but not here. Mike

oh Mikey don't run yourself down,
not here,
not now.

Fezza owners are invariably ugly, and in their late fifties.
Often have personal hair dressers, and no doubt your jim jams are silk.


Don't try running from your image.

Pep up a song.

I am what I am, a la ethel merman. seems apt.

Just sayin......

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