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There's snow business like......


New member
13 Oct 2003
......a Carrera 4 in the snow, thank you Dr Porsche.

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Just had to take my C2 to have it serviced, the back end was like they're snow boarding with those fat tyres!!

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Those drivers who rallied the 911 have my repect.....

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Thank god mines in the garage!

It took me 6.5 hours to travel 17 miles last night - any advances on that?


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Interesting watching a 993 C2s in front of work last night. Back wheels going faster than front and not an optical illusion. What was really funny was lady driver in X5 staring at the dashboard in astonishment when her 4 wheel drive skidded. The fact that she pulled rapidly out of a parking space with an immediate 90 degree turn had nothing to do with it by all accounts. Clearly if its got 4 wheel drive, it should'nt skid in the snow!!!!. Took me 1 hour 10 minutes for the station car park to home drive that averages 7 minutes normally.


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There was no snow left on my car when I got home last night, all the school kids had scraped it off to make snowballs ! If any of them scratched my paintwork I'm going to wire the damn thing up to the mains - That should teach them !!!!!!!!

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persuaded the missus to take the train in this morning so i could use her front wheel drive motor to get to werk - porker locked firmly in garage - and was home b4 it all came down yesterday!

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Usual commute in the 993 this morning - took about an hour longer than usual, and don't think I've ever completed a whole trip with maximum of about 5% throttle opening before!

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Why is it that whenever we get 1" of snow the whole country grinds to a halt ? Maybe they should spend some of that Speed Camera Fine money on a few more gritting trucks.

Or maybe get Tony Blair out on the roads. He's the master at shoveling sh*t so he should be good at shoveling salt.

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back end all over the place! couldnt get up the drive!

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C2 Targa firmly in the garage since Monday in anticipation. After last year's experience, a 360 on the first adverse camber/hill combo followed by 1h 45mins to cover 13 miles with no traffic, never doing more than 10 miles an hour I decided it just wasn't worth the stress!

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never fails to amaze me that a bit of snow brings this country to standstill. Just got back from Prague where we had lows of minus 20 (!) and four inches of snow. The roads cleared within an hour of snowfall and everyone goes about their usual business no problem.

Had a very intersting drive to station this morning in the pork across snowy country lanes - time to look out that RS2.

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Don't talk to me about Porsches and snow... Mines still in Italy. Deeply unhappy



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This country can be quite embarrasing, too hot, too cold, too much snow, too dry, too wet, too much snow, too much leaves, too many people, too much flu virus.......the list goes on....

we just don't seam to be able to cope with anything other than perfect constant condition! We just don't spend any time effort and money to enable us to cope with anything. Everything is just good enough to tie us over till next yr.

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very true... I am in Sweden now where nothing changes at all even if 10cm/4" of snow fall overnight. It can be a lot worse up north but I am in the 'riviera' region ;)

It is the law that every car be shod with winter tires over winter. Pretty simple, and prevents traffic chaos.

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