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There are so many 993 Targa owners here !


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31 Dec 2002

well not 4 but now 5 !!!.. but for what I thought was a niche model...... 4 (semi-active!) forum users is a fair number...

the I initially knew of... myself, Steve, andyphilpott (still!) & Gate Keeper..

now the 5th is PMacro

up to 9 now ! with JonH, Pneumatic, Westyman & Magic2

any more ?

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Make that six!

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6 and counting.....!

what I find surprising is that, knowing all the types of porsche 911...

912, 964 C2, 993 turbo, 996 C4S, etc etc which prob run into a fair few... wonder if anyone knows them all !!! :wink:

is that specifically the 993 Targa seems to be a popular choice ! :)

993 Targa meet is a must .. one day ! now I wonder what part of the country everyone in ?.. I'm in the smog centre of SW London


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Hmmmm, that'll be me as well then. Although I'm oop north lad, along t'Wigan pier!

I'm planning to go to the PCGB Brands Hatch weekend - we could have a Targa chapter meet there?!

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I must admit that I do like the idea of a targa(a very good compromise), and would have been keen to get one, but the problem for me is that it is based upon the cabrio, and is heavier than the coupe without the same level of rigidity. I'm afraid this swung it for me, and a c2 manual was plumped for. You all know deep down that the coupe is the purists choice (he says, clamouring for the flakjacket).

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it has to be the C2 manual :lol:

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A Targa is Great.

Stiffer than the cabriolet, responds well to a strut brace, looks gorgeous with a better set of wheels and is just as quick as the coupe (sorry guys - it is!)
But all the little bits pale into insignificance when you drive throufht the Alps in mid summer (ouside temperature 95 degrees) and the roof is shut with the aircon on and you can still see the beautiful mountain views through the glass.

Then in the UK you drive along at ** on a motorway and the roof is open, it suddenly starts to pour with rain - so you press the switch and the roof closes - no slowing down or stopping required - as the manual says it can be opened or closed at any speed.

When you park on a hot day you close the blind over - now its like a coupe. When you get back and its hot in the car - a few seconds and the hot air is gone through the open top.

And in town you pose with the roof and side windows open!

And from most angles it still looks like the coupe!

Well done Porsche!

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First post, got a silver 993 targa.

Got to agree with Stevo's comments about the Targa.


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I think that makes 8 of us now! Any more?

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count me in as well... number 9

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I'm looking at one to buy at the moment. Any foibles that I should be aware of ? Does the roof seal ok / rattle etc ?

Any advice greatly appreciated.

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My roof rattles a bit on the passenger side but only when closed - so I open up as often as possible.

All the other benefits are worth the odd rattle.

Oh and one benefit I missed of my list in the earlier post was - no soft top to be vandalised or used as a way in to the car....

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so 9 and counting.... ! I am very impressed...

cheers Stevo for the targa pointers.. didnt even realise you could open the roof safely at speed.. although my manual is in german !

so a Strut Brace will help ? prob' should get that done before I go to the ring then !

poon, when we all hook up, get your shades and we'll go for a cruise.. just hope it aint ringing that day ! :wink:
although that could be your next upgrade ?


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Poon would look funny in shades :p

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