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The Snowdonia Road Trip - first weekender in my GT3


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20 Aug 2009
I thought I would share last weekends superb Welsh experience with the forum.

I was originally after a destination that was 10/10 fun packed fun. A place that was an adventure. A place I didn't know that well either. I chose North Wales and Snowdonia :)

We drove approx 710 miles in 2 days taking in a million corners with amazingly no dead sheep; and all in a carbon fibre bucket seat 8) For the eagle eyed amongst you I started my trip-range thingy after a stop at a friends house in Bray (so 30 miles in)

We took in the Evo triangle and a new road (to me) that was like a tarmac'd rally stage but not too small for a GT3. Perfect. See road links below for more. (I'll try and add video if Windows 8 Movie Maker ever manages to work)

I still cant believe how good the GT3 is. The car just holds and holds.. the cornering MY GOD the cornering. I think I'm passed 1st base with her now. She's taught me a lot and seems so perfectly suited to 60+ mph fast change back corners. On my route there are a couple of sections with 3/4 miles (A483 I thought) of consistent left/right/left/right and the groove you can get into is sublime. It reminds me now of how the R6 motorbike would feel once 'in the groove' but on four wheels its even better. I just wanted to turn straight back around and go again. It's hard to describe in words the sheer excitement as the GT3's exhaust bellows and the rear end fiercely catapults you through one corner and onto the next... driving Nirvana, I guess.

It was great fun and I arrived back in the dead of the night with a fly swot for a car and a massive demented grin on my face. I then had to quickly wake up and find a parking space - all part of the adventure I guess.. :thumb:

Some pics from Welsh Wales:

For useful roads/routes for anyone else who fancies a trip:

My basic route (taking in the fantastic Honey Cafe)

Evo Triangle:

Great road to try near-ish to Evo triangle:

Good route for a Sunday blast:
Hi, nice pics (iffy diet).

I tried the links to your maps, but my iPad won't play.

The picture by the lake, where's that please?
Elo Greeni

The lake is the Bala end of Llyn Tegid

On your iPad - when you click the link and Google maps opens up if you say 'don't allow' to the my location request it should show you the route.

Yeah, I don't need to diet... the bucket seats are still a perfect fit :)
Lovely pics, thanks for sharing.
Cool, thanks I 'do' north Wales/ snowdonia a lot, as well as Shropshire and Vyrnwy etc, I just haven't seen the lake from there before, thanks.

Next time you go, give me a holler, I may tag on :puh:
Cheers Roro, loving the car it's amazing :)

Will do Greeni, next year for sure :thumb:

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