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The most popular Porsche is the 993 ...


8 Nov 2008
... at OPC Cambridge.

Popped over for a free Health Check, and there were twelve cars in the workshop.

Black Carrera 4 Coupe (health check)
Blue Targa (Targa roof maintenance)
Blue Carrera S (service)
Yellow Turbo S (full respray prior to 50 Anni European Tour)

Black New Cayenne Turbo (PDI)
White New Cayenne Hybrid (PDI)
Orange Cayenne GTS (service)

Black Carrera (service)
Blue Carrera S (service)

New Cayman:
Black New Cayman (PDI)
Silver New Cayman (PDI)

Silver Zafira (new brakes, a/c regas)
I did question the (in)sanity, given the four-and-a-half-thousand stone-chip sized particles the car will now be subject to at (inter)continental speeds :dont know:
Rather than being the most popular, aren't they just the model most in need of work at a main dealer? I'm suprised it wasn't full of 996s, perhaps the owners of those go to independants now.

You're right that in theory all modern 911 from 996.2 onwards only need servicing half as frequently etc, but it was just surprising to see so many 993.

(although only the 993 Targa actually needed fixing)

It was surprising as most people assume older Porsche's don't go to OPCs, and there are less older Porsches!

4x 993 is far more statistically significant than 2x 997 (as a proportion of their production numbers and how likely they are to still be in the network).

Having said all that, it was just an immediate gut reaction seeing 1/3rd the workshop full of 993s and might not bear deeper analysis.
How did you get on with the heath check?

I'm going to one in a couple of weeks.
Fine, apart from a lip on the front discs which will mean new discs next pad change .
GT4 said:
Fine, apart from a lip on the front discs which will mean new discs next pad change .

Spring 2016 then :grin:

Apologies, I still haven't responded to the last post you used that joke on :puh:

It was due another health-check as it had done about 200 miles since the service in March :thumb:
The Porsche Zafira is quite rare apparently
Having visions a la Aston Cygnet :eek:
Owning a Targa, I am wondering if there is a specialist who can do these roofs or will it always have to go via the OPC?

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