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'The Great British Car Journey' Museum in Derbyshire


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29 Jun 2010
On my way back from The Peak District this week I popped into this newly opened car museum dedicated to ordinary British cars through the ages.

Details here -> https://www.greatbritishcarjourney.com/


The £15 admission fee is a bit steep if you're only planning an hour visit like me but for those wanting a couple of hours more comprehensive viewing it's not bad value.

I found it really interesting looking at cars from the 60s & 70s that I recall going with my Dad when viewing them new but was disappointed that there was no Dolomite (the nearest was that red Toledo), Mk1 Cavalier or any Viva other than the HA on show. Apparently there are another 100 or so cars in a warehouse out the back so it seems like they'll be rotating there displays to encourage repeat visits.

The display set up is well executed but it's a shame that individual photos of most cars are obscured by information boards.

The earliest cars on display held no interest to me at all but cars from the 50s were interesting - especially the very early Minis and 'Moggie' Minors. The 80s and 90s cars were a shocking reminder of how awful British cars became.

The age range varied from these ...


.... to this



I thought this was the 2021 model from Morgan but apparently it's 63 years old. :D

:thumb: i love a good car museum, thanks for the pics.
Some nice shiny stuff there. Looks like a great place. :thumbs:

Thanks for posting the pics Terry, it's somewhere I recently suggested the NW crew could have a drive out to.
Ridders said:
Thanks for posting the pics Terry, it's somewhere I recently suggested the NW crew could have a drive out to.

It would make a great day, both driving there and as a place to meet up. There's a massive car park and a cafe on site. :thumb:

Some more pics ........




Thanks for the pictures. Looks like a worthwhile visit. :thumb:
Many thanks for the heads up and for posting this Terry. While Morgans appear not to have changed over the years, the reality is quite different, for just like Porsche, Morgan had to evolve in order to maintain compliance with the ever changing regulations, and of course they increased in price too. Apparently the Plus Six is a bit of an animal with no digital override should you exceed your limitations..!!!

Should there be any interest, the link below is for the recent line up from Morgan.

There's a feature on the museum in the July edition #287 of EVO.
If you are in the area for the day there is a lot to do, apart from the museum there is a Gin distillery that you can do tours around just behind, a great pub with superb food, The Hurt Arms, just a stroll away and a Site of Special Scientific Interest, Shining Cliff Woods, just behind the Distillery with a great walk through the woods, we stayed in the woods in 2020 in a hut. Also you have Matlock Bath on the same main road, the A6 if you fancy Fish and Chips or car/motorbike spotting at the weekend.

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