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The end of an era

Sir Harvo

New member
1 Oct 2012
I'm fortunate to have owned a Porsche 996 Carrera 2 Cabriolet for 13 months but now it's gone I may be able to sleep at night.

As a teenager I had posters of Porsche, Lotus and Lamborgini on my wall and hoped I'd own each when I got older.

I've changed my mind about owning a Lambo so that one is off the list, the Lotus was easy as I spent some time working at the factory but I had to wait a few years for the Porsche.

I bought the Porsche last year and have used it every day to cover 27,000 miles.

The experience has been one of mixed emotions, there are so many positives as you'll all know. I'll share a few –
The gorgeous looks
That sexy butt which you tend to forget until you follow another one.
The adrenaline, enough said....
The looks you get and the looks you give
Being a Porsche owner, especially in the 50th anniversary year
Getting to work in the snow when others couldn't

But they are all countered by the nagging issues that won't let you completely enjoy it and don't go away, the constant worry that the engine will go pop and the cost of ownership. I'd cry if I worked out all the costs but suffice to say rear tyres cost me £3 per day.

Some of that reminds me of my first wife, so she's gone and I hope to move on and in time I may just remember the good bits of Porsche ownership.

I'm sure I'll keep visiting the forum but I don't think I'll get another Porsche, that said I had my heart broken by someone special and married again....
27k miles in 13 months. :worship:

What are you moving on to next. :?:

I can't help wondering how quickly you'll miss not having a 911 and which one you'll be buying in 2014. :grin:
I also had a 996 C2 cabriolet that cost me a lot of money but over a much shorter time period than you. After a few months of things leaking and/or breaking I swapped it for a 996 Turbo.

That was a lot more reliable but I didn't really get on with it so after a few more months I swapped it for a 987 Cayman S.

That's what I've got now and I prefer it to either of my 996s.

I've no idea how long I'll keep the Cayman S but I think I'll try a 997 GT3 next.
I'm going to be using my son's Subaru RB5 or his classic sport untill I decide what's next.
Same boat as me- 2 yrs ago when i got rid of my 996C4 cab ,
vowing never to return ,,,:x

ive just picked up my new 997 and im over the moon , vowing never again to LEAVE :)
The addiction is too strong - 996 Turbo (in manual of course) next for you!
I hadn't realised so many returned to Porsche ownership.

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