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The best 911 sound so far!!

Nishal Patel

1 Jul 2005
Howdy 911 owners.

Here is something i have thought about whilst over-indulging in the holiday season

I have seen all the photos from the owners forum.

How about recording your own car's sound and uploading with your car's pics!!

Then we can debate who's car sounds the bomb!!!

Specialist cars of malton and cridfords are the two websites who have the engine sounds of 911's should you be interested.

I think its a good idea but each opinion to their own

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T'would be fun. Difficult to host though I'd imagine?

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Yup!! Will need some IT support.

If you have a digital camera/camcorder with built in microphone you could record and convert into a mpeg or wmv file and then link it with the photograph. Or upload it on a free for all website and attach a hyperlink

Just an idea, some more input required

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You mean like this :)


http://uk.geocities.com/[email protected]/968_Sounds/993.ZIP
Web link

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Very nice looking car, looks like Zymol :D

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Well done Shed17

Although the first 30 seconds sounded rough.

Tell us how long it took you to do that and how much memory did it take for storage

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Not Zymol, actually Swissol :wink:


The first 30 seconds is actually the standard mufflers and the rest is after I fitted the Fabspeed Maxflo's.

The original file was about a 200mb avi taken on my digicam. I then stripped out the audio to wav and finally converted that to an MP3 file which you just listened to :)

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