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That old chesnut 933 vs 996


20 Nov 2003
At the risk of being blacklisted from 993uk.com, sorry 911uk.com, has anyone got any constructive advice/criticism swopping from 993 to 996. I have owned my 993 for about a year now and searched long and hard for it, and I love it apart its few idyosyncracities. I did initally look at 996 but felt they were too far removed from my 964 which I was replacing, and always loved the 993. I am now using the 993 everyday as I've sold the M3 (boo!), and I find myself hankering after a 996 again (better handling, better comfort etc). Has anyone gone from 993 to 996 and regretted it or loved it? Any comments, or should I get my coat?

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I just think that in standard form, the 996 is very plain, whereas even a standard 993 has plenty of character. I guess the 996 really is an "everyday car"...

If you do go for a 996, it's got to be either a Turbo, GT2 or GT3(RS)!

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Hmm... I'd love a GT3, but I need to re-roof the house, new kitchen, new windows, blah blah blah.

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I got my first wave from a 996 driver on saturday. I cant be sure, but I would swear that his Labrador with the neat braces and lead sitting in the passenger seat waved too.

I know, its not big/clever/contructive :oops:

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My dad prefers his 996 to hisold 993. As an old man he prefers a quieter, more comfortable car.

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Hi Bosch,

I was having the same issue a few months back, and was VERY close to going for a 996, as things happen I sold the 993 and am now in a Merc!

If you are looking for a 996, you could do far worst than take a look at my mates one, which is currently for sale on this very site. MY 2000 for £38,995 with only 30K miles and its mint!!!

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Can't claim to be an expert on the whole 993/996 debate......but why oh why sell the M3?........everyone should have an E30 M3...even if its just to look at! :eek:

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Even when you have a GT3RS???

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Yep even if youv'e got a GT3 RS......imho..if you exclude 964/993 RS models and probably GT2's/normal GT3s the original E30 M3 was the last car that was built with racing in mind...plus you can drive them like a total hooligan and if it gets sideways just keep your foot in and it sorts it out.......its very similar to a porsche in the way it tells you what its doing.....but unlike a porsche you have to scream the nuts of off it to do anything!......did i mention i like them?!? :D

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I dream of having a car collection like Trampas - respect.

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As much as I like the 993 I think it is showing its age and becoming more of a classic than a current car. I personally have always like the looks of the 996 from the day it was launch - before being hooked on Porsches and before I even thought I would be lucky enough to own one.

One thing I think goes in the 993 favour is build quality Porsche need to revisit that area for sure

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I suppose its horses for courses really....but for an everyday usable car the 996 has to take some beating

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I can never tell a 996 from a Boxster (from the front) unless its a turbo, C4S or a GT3.

Far too many 996's on the road, nothing turns heads like a 993 blatting down the road.

Save your money until you can buy a used GT3, thats what I am gonna do, Noony start saving!

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You lot really like your 993's don't you!

Bosch, having owned 5 911 over the past 5+ years, I would say all of them are great in their own way however I drive my 911 every day and cover a millage of 30k every year. For this I have found that the 996 is the only sensible option, it's quieter, more comfortable, and has a climate control system that works well in any climate (unlike the 964/ 993, sorry to the 993 fans but it is true).

As for the usual complaints of the 996 being boring to drive....... again sorry but no. It is better balanced/ faster and more predictable on the limit than any 911 before it. Looks are a very subjective thing, pearsonally I think both the 993 & 996 in standard trim less than perfect, however the 993 cab is perfect standard and the 996 with GT3 aero kit is also superb. If you are looking for an everyday porsche but don't want to pay GT3 money, get a 996 with a factory fitted GT3 kit & wheels with the sports package (seats & 10mm lowered springs) install a strut brace on the front struts and have the suspension geometry set up for neutral handling. Then you will have one of the best every day drivers cars available today at sensible money. (a few good drives on a quiet road and you'll wonder why you ever had doubts)

Paul D 2004 GT3

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