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TG 200 cell crossover sports cats: review


27 Apr 2015
Yesterday I went to to relieve fellow forum member @Interference Fit of his TG 200 cell crossover cats. He’d previously removed them to reduce the volume of the full system he’s got on his car.

But I wanted a bit more throatiness from my car, to get it a bit closer to the PSE on my old 40AE. With the added benefits of saving a few kg and possible power increase.

I thought I had the TG mild back boxes on my car, but upon removing the bumper and heat shields it turns out they are in fact the lesser spotted Euro Cup GT variety. They definitely sound good compared to stock, but are still on the muted side.

Anyway, @Interference Fit did 98% of the work, and we got the bumper off, everything disassembled, cats & sensors swapped and reassembled in about 3 hours which was pretty good going.

Have since driven about 60 miles of mixed driving - and can say I am very happy with the results. There’s about an extra 20% of volume, but absolutely no drone or rumble at motorway speeds. Sounds smooth and not harsh or metallic. Does the butt dyno say it’s a bit livelier at higher revs? Yes - but could easily be placebo effect. There’s no noticeable drop in torque lower down the revs.

I disconnected the battery whilst we did the job in order to let the ECU have a fresh take on the fuelling, so no issues there.

Am running the OE manifolds for reference!

Anyway, good mod and highly recommended. Added benefit of everything being more shiny under the back of the car now!

excellent, a solid exhaust sound is such a positive on a driving experience

how long did it take to swap them over ?
excellent, a solid exhaust sound is such a positive on a driving experience

how long did it take to swap them over ?
We managed it in about three hours, aided by the experience I gained taking them off mine just a few weeks ago.
It also helped that Jez's car didn't put up a fight at all, everything coming apart with ease.
They sounded great on Gez' car - nice and throaty without being intrusive or obnoxious.
In combination with the TG headers and full 'Sports' TG silencers, mine was just too loud. Replacing the original cats made the difference.

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