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Tested a cayman, do I make the change........

Apologies Iansta, did not intend to redirect interest in your very informative post, just thought it might be worth presenting an alternative line of though which it seems quite a number of Porsche owners have enjoyed over a number of years..?

Ragpicker, many thanks for taking the time to reply, I am pleased to think that anyone can find interest in my ramblings. Unfortunately I inadvertently cut out a paragraph when transferring from my word processing programme to paste it in this forum thus I have edited the initial posting to include it.
I should perhaps have fixed the spelling errors too... :oops:
It's an interesting point Luddite, I love cars of all types and it's it's probably a good thing I don't have the money to 'collect' (use with hesitation as I would want to drive them all more than was possible, rather than sit and admire them) all the cars I'd like to try.
I'd love to daily my dream Porsche a 964 RS, the Bruce Lee of cars, small, compact and looks hard as nails. I've done a number of miles in a 996 RS and didn't think the ride was to hard to daily so if a 964 is comparable I'd go for it.
I've always enjoyed slightly off beat cars that are fairly basic and raw for their type toys don't do it for me at all and haven't come across a touch screen I like more than analog controls.
I'm it's only recently I've been able to consider something like a 911 due to a big promotion knowing how I like to look after cars Mechanically. I can only afford one car although have access to my partners so it's always a compromise although everything relative I suppose as provided it has two seats, enough space for a small weekly shop and my other half doesn't have to wear her sports bra for every journey it's a contender.
I was hoping a cayman had that Porsche feel I enjoyed in my 997 with a more agile feel. Perhaps that's why I was so disappointed although I'm sure you could make some changes to improve things significantly.
Just to cover off the bike thing, I love them particularly the engineering in modern sport bikes but I just don't trust myself, I was bad enough with pedal power let alone 200hp through the back wheel. Other half's wise words, I know you want one but in a car you catch the little slides when pushing hard and carry on, on a bike I can see you pushing on into an immovable object!
Iansta, many thanks for taking the time to consider my thought processes, and to reply.

That which I type is in no way meant as any kind of real criticism of the way matters automotive have evolved, or indeed the way that machinery is utilised and enjoyed today, but it seems logical (?) that the grumpy old man within me, may on occasion show face... (-:

I suspect that you like me are a child of your time, and thus our priorities are bound to differ to some degree as the result of the all important time differences involved, though regardless of all else the "relativity" factor is very likely to maintain a measure of importance in terms of our sensory perception relative to whatever automotive choices we make..?

I guess that I have perhaps been there done that some time before you arrived on the scene (-: My aim is just to sharing thinking, in the hope that there may be something within it that might be of benefit to you or anyone else engaged in processes of automotive evaluation..

As for your "love" in terms of desirable vehicles which in reality may prove to be entirely unsuitable on the road or indeed fit in with your lifestyle requirements in any way that might be considered as reasonable.... Hmm... been there done that too, and in my early 20`s with a very tired old race car that I LUSTED over and used on the road as my sole form of transport in employment that required me to travel all over the country on occasion....!!! I suspect man maths was fully engaged in 99% of the calculation processes and logic perhaps 1%..... thus I paid the price for my mistake in time.... But then you are only young once and perhaps it`s best if folk are left to make their own way... hmm..?

The only thing I would add is to agree with your other half re m/cycles, having gained a few gravel rashes in my time some of life`s experiences may indeed be best avoided, BUT... :?:
When I looked at buying my first Porsche in 04 I looked at a few 993 cars but they felt ancient and I ended up with a 996 C4S 6MT. Fast forward a few years and I bought a 2012 981 Boxster S 6MT which I kept for five years. I've since bought a 997.1 Turbo 6MT. The mid engine car was by far the best handling and general all round car coupled with mod cons. The potent Turbo is the special one though, the childhood poster car realised. Emotive and subjective measures pointed me in the direction of a 911. Just another experience to share.

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