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Test driving two 993s tomorrow....


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22 Dec 2008
And there was me clicking on a new topic hoping for some useful information..... Tell us about the cars then.





I look forward to seeing your feedback on these two, they look like two nice cars. Personally I wouldn't go for a white car, but then I am known for being rather conservative.

The white one looks really nice.

Change the wheels to some gold BBS LM's and swap the steering wheel for a raid style or similar and I'd pretty much be all done with that car :thumb:

I'm surprised it hadn't sold already. Good luck with the test drives
:thumb: for the white one, very this season! FWIW i'd remove the split grill!?
What careless advertisements - 200 bhp and 330 lbs/ft and top speed 160....

Both seem cheap from Strasse - I'm guessing there must be a reason.

White one - no engine photo? Check the rear lid - it doesn't seem to line-up perfectly in the photo (too up left, too down right). Solidspokes.

Blue one has no a/c, and a blue interior so probably appeals to a small audience..... Cup1s on a 993?

I'm just trying to make you go in there with your head working, not just your heart. :thumb:
Both look pretty good (Usual caveats bla bla bla).

BUT, the smart money MUST be on the white one. RARE as hell!
I've seen the blue one.

Both nice cars, but I would go with the white. Not noticed the engine cover alignment but would definitely go for a PPI. Plus the spoiler on the blue is a bit too much for me.

Good luck either way :thumb:
I had that spoiler on my C2S when i bought it - it was a Techart item. One of the first things I removed as it spoiled the lines sooooo much. I took if off and left it under a bed in a hotel in Kensington.

Long story...

If you take it off, you'll need to weld up the holes in the engine lid.
A really honed observation on the white car's engine lid (the devil is in the detail). No engine bay shots is surprising, possibly an oversight rather than sinister :?:

I agree that the MB car is a liitle spoiled by the spoiler (I suppose this is what spoilers do). The standard retractable spoiler is much cleaner in my view. The car has cup 1s instead of cup 2s. Both minor points but might be useful in price negotiations.

No mileage stated for either car (unless I'm missing something).

+1 for the PPI checks.

Interesting to see that it is possible to opt for a 997 and save a bit of money.
mollytherocker said:
Both look pretty good (Usual caveats bla bla bla).

BUT, the smart money MUST be on the white one. RARE as hell!

Maybe, Maybe not, back around 2000 a white 993 was worth around 5-6 grand less than any other colour 993 :)
Surely Malton would swap out the Cup 1s for Cup 2s? It's not like they would have a problem moving the Cup 1s on, they are in high demand from 964 owners IIRC.

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