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test drive report! 996 turbo vs 997 c2s


14 Oct 2004
ok. i'll admit. i'm still grinning from ear to ear as i'm typing this message.

Just got back from the west london OPC after a test drive with Ben - top bloke and very helpful - so my OPC experience is great so far. (watch this space.....)

Alright, this is not intended to be a technical report (because i'm useless at that) but one of my impressions on the two cars.

First off the 997 C2S Seal Grey manual with short shift. Everything was very stiff. The steering, the brakes, the clutch. Probably because it's still quite new - only 600miles on the clock. The first gear was very civilised, very controlled. Got to second gear quite quickly but wasn't sure if it was in gear because of this short shift thing - don't like it! We were on the m4 (before it got chucker), blast through everything that moves at whatever speed with ease on 3rd and 4th and the engine note was fantastic! A roar that is more 993 than 996 i think. Then to 5th and 6th, am already doing speed that may interpreted by some as barely legal :wink:
and it was very very comfortable, very composed. Ben then told me to shift down to 3rd (the bloody short shift won't get into gear!) and all of a sudden it turned into a torque monster and roars away!

I switched the sports suspension thing on (or off? can't remember what the default setting was) and felt all the bumps on the m4 which actually felt good. Even on 19s, the ride doesn't feel that firm. The steering was very precise. Oh by the way, we went round a small and very quiet round about in 2nd 3/4 throttle and the 997 was completely in control. (i was scared to put the foot down ok!! :oops: )

So in summary, the 997 sounds great, very sporty when you want it to be, very comfortable when you want it to be. The steering was precise but felt a bit stiff. So was the clutch and the brakes. Not sure about the look of the interior. Hated the look of the steering wheel.

Back to the OPC and parked up next to the 996 Turbo Lapis Blue Manual. iit looks wider, lower and more agressive. Just more special! (good start)

The M4 was chucker block by this time and we drove on the A4 instead. The first gear was again, to my pleasant surprise, very easy and very civilised - complete control - no wheel spinning or any funny business i was dreading. I must say everything is a little bit less stiff then the 997 C2S - the clutch was great (The clutch is apparently hydraulic and it's a joy - still stiffer compared to the beemer). The brakes were phenomenal and most importantly, there was just SO MUCH power. The power is so effortless and 'creamy' and you certainly don't get any fuss from the engine. The power is delivered without any loud roar, it's just there as soon as you move your right foot downwards!!.

The steering is precise without being too stiff and having driven it for about 3 minutes, i knew the turbo is what i want. It just made me feel very special. The engine note may not be as raw as the 997 C2S nor has it got the switches for the suspension or PSM, it is just the dogs dangly bits and i am completely sold.

By the way, the pedals offset is actually quite obvious on both the 997 and 996!

So in summary, the 996 turbo is the nuts. The buttons are not that great in the interior but i just don't really give a flying t0ss because of the way it drives.

The worst part of this whole experience is to get back to my bmw and it just felt so painfully ordinary and fiddly. :(

Now all i need is some muscle relaxant for my grin.



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nice one!

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Did you put a deposit down?

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I think i'll be going for the Turbo. There isn't any that fits my budget at that particular OPC but Ben is having a look out for me. Mr. Pearce gave me info on a very good one recently and i very very nearly took it. (Thanks v much Mark for passing the info in the first place!) I wasn't quite ready and now I have decided to wait until i settle in my new job before i do it. I'm on a 6 month notice period and i'm a month into it at the moment - so in 5 months time!!!

The 997 was a joy to drive as well. The cabin was definitely more sophisticated. But when i was driving the turbo, i just didn't care what colour the exterior was, what colour the leather was, whether it has PCM or not! I just wanted to keep driving the thing....(still grinning)

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Just what I wanted to hear as after deliberating on changing my 993 4s for a 997 cs for some time, I'm on my way to test a 996 turbo tomorrow.


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have fun blaz! Hope you can arrange to test a manual one!

make sure you let us know what you think!


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Well no it's a tiptronic and I might have preferred a manual but otherwise it's just what I've been after. Incidentally tested the new M5 this week - fast as you like but so distant compared to my 993...

Will report on the outcome...(and by the way for anyone who may have spotted it before, I do know the 993 is air cooled and the 996 h2o!!!- slip of the keyboard!!!)


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Bought my first GT3 this week

I think it makes a turbo rather tame,

But no doubt my opinion may change when i buy a 450 BHP Turbo

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Well, my friends, I went and did it. PX'd my beloved 993 C4S for a 996 Turbo at Paragon. Midnight blue metallic, 8K on the clock, 2 years old, tiptronic (it's really good, in fact) and (bravo to the original owner) NO SAT NAV!!! Spent the next few days wondering what the f... I'd done and have spent the last 4 weeks finding out. The first week I came close to losing my mind (and for all I know, my life and my licence). The car is SOOOO fast but is so well -behaved, you really have no idea what speed you're doing until you look down at the readout. Scary or what! At which point I seriously considered going down to a C4S (albeit 996) or even a 987S (told you I nearly lost my mind!) but Mark at Paragon persuaded me to stick with the turbo so I did. The car really responds to (dare I say it) intelligent driving: enjoy the smooth power, don't drive it like a maniac and it talks to you. It's now like when I bought the C4S - I never want to turn off the engine at the end of the journey and I look forward to every trip. And much as I loved the looks of the C4S, the turbo has to be the better - looking car.


1. I miss the 993 C4S for the real engagement and I might have to start doing the lottery because if I won, I'd be straight into one to keep alongside the turbo.

2. They don't make them like they used to...the 996 has little rattles everywhere although the Bose sounds do a good masking job.

3. Nagging worries of mega - depreciation still, but what the hey...live for today!


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Congrats! The Turbo is one awesome car! My local OPC leant me one a while ago, Basalt black with Boxster Red interior - it was seriously fast and perhas it was the fact that I knew I had to return the car eventually but I just couldn't stop myself from flooring it every chance I could. Very nice car indeed! Please post some snaps!

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Blaz, why didn't you go for a 993 Turbo? Every bit as sure footed, technically faster and with the same honed from granite feel. Oh, depreciation proof to!

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I also just tested a 996 turbo..albeit "s" model as the normal variant was sold just before i arrived (no complaints!)...and could'nt agree more with the above comments eg..

"very easy and very civilised "

"very fast"

"buttery ride"

"great clutch"


absoluely NO real engagement, rawness, at no point did i feel supremely connected as I do in my 993. No question its a great car, the power is very impressive and delivered with incredible smoothness and responsivness..but it almost too perfect and if it wasnt for the crazy 0-60 times I coudl have been in a fast merc and not known..

I'm going back for a GT3 test to see if I can find the "connectedness" and "engagement" I love in the 993..but i not... then intending to stick with what i have and maybe seek out a 993 turbo. ..if i can find one in great condition...any offers welcome!

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Mr Pearce also thinks that the GT3 is much more engaging to drive over the turbo...please do let us know what you think about the GT3!

I never considered the GT3 because of the exterior styling....(huge spoiler)

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Well, I've made my bed now and I'm quite enjoying lying in it! Heard that the 993 turbo engine a bit unreliable and to move from 993 C4S to 993 turbo didn't seem much of a move.

Now about that GT3 spoiler...how necessary is it? Because apart from that (it really is a bit lairy) I could be tempted...


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