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Techart front spoiler for 996 C2


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27 Sep 2008
I'm considering adding this Techart front spoiler to my 996.2 C2.


I have the side skirts and M030 on my car and IMO the car looks a little high at the front. I've looked at swapping in a GT3/2 PU or maybe a C4S front end as they all have a deeper front profile, but they all can look a bit like I'm trying to make it something it's not.

The only thing stopping me is a lack of knowledge of Techart and a need to satisfy myself that its not too chavvy.

What's the general feeling on Techart products in terms of Quality etc? Apparently this spoiler uses existing mounting points so theres no cutting about or tiger seal nastiness.

Alternatively are there any other lower spoilers of a decent quality on the market?
Sorry not feeling the love :sad: do the c4s front end nice and aggressive but I'm bias
I put an standard OPC splitter on mine. Drilled a few holes into the bottom of the bumper and hey presto, splitter was on..

(...did use plastic screws etc so it can break-off without taking the bumper with it).
regarding quality you need have no worries at all.

Techart are as good as if not better than Porsche Original Equipment.

I KNOW this for the simple reason that Porsche actually used Techart to make the limited production 993 Turbo S's spoiler at the rear (and I think front), hence you can still buy it from Techart.

Porsche do not choose any old body kit shop to make production car bits!

If you like it do it, its your car not ours!


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Techart make the OEM 993 AeroKit too

That does look very nice indeed ^^^^. TechArt is probably one of the very few after-market items I would consider for my car (I love their wheels). As others have said, very high quality and probably not cheap either.

~ Maxie :thumbs:

PS I always thought that the standard 996 Carrera front end always looked a tad high too.
Thanks for your replies everybody. I think I'm going to order one and see how it looks.

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