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Targa Roof Advice


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30 Sep 2004
I'm looking at a '88 Targa that has "there is a small tare in the sealing rubber" of the roof. Is this a serious problem?

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Nope. Just costs money to put right. Everyone I have spoken too say Targas leak and squeek (not 993 and 996 but presumably your looking at a 3.2) and I don't suppose a torn seal will do the car any good. Might be a good idea to check the gutters etc for rust if water has been allowed to penetrate past the seal. New seals are readily available but I don't know how easy they are to fit.

You could speak to someone like Southbound Trimmers who are very helpful and can supply parts.

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Thanks for that steer. I love the look of Targas but am just a little scared of those leaks and sqeaks issues. Looking at the forums too for Targa problems isn't so encouraging either!

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Targa seals...or not.

There is very often a small tear on the leading edge rubber, and if the piece is still there you might do a good 'bodge' by using rubber glue to pull it back together. That iss by far the easiest thing to try first because fitting a new over the screen rubber is a complete b#s###d. You can end up with a badly glued rubber and a top that fits poorly. Therefore if it needs the seal, definitely go to someone who has plenty of experience of targas, rather than your local trim shop. Loads get messed up.

Southbound are great and worth the effort.

Adrian Crawford.

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Squeaks on the "older style" Targa.

I remember back 1989/90 my father picked up a brand new 964 Targa (great deal as the recession caused a load of cancelled orders) anyway did that roof make a racket or did it ? We tried all sorts of things to sort it out - vaseline, padding.... but nothing worked. Great car got me hooked on 911's but that noise was too much in the end he sold it, made money on it and the one year later ended up with a nice second had coupe.

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Thanks for the advice folks.

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I too really like the look of the Targa and being able to get the roof off in the summer is great and better than any air con.

I drive my car daily and the wind noise and concern about leaks is a bit of a drag, but you have to weigh up the pros and cons - if you want something easy to live with buy a coupe, but if your prepared to put in a bit of effort and put up with the down sides then the Targa really pays off.

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