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Tapping Noise when braking


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22 Apr 2013
Just heard a tapping sound from rear of the car, each time when I applied the brakes. It was a fast "clicking" noise which seemed to slow down as the car slowed down. Any ideas what this may be please guys? I've not heard it before.
Something caught up in the wheel/brake area perhaps, I would have a butchers underneath and see if you can spot anything obvious.
Thanks Ducky. I did take a very quick look before I had to run for my train, but I did not see anything intrusive.

I drove yesterday for fifty miles or so and it was fine. I reached home last night, parked up, and then this morning I heard this strange sound. I hope it is something simple.

Check if you have clean discs, something might get in to one of the drilled holes and make a noise once get in contact with pads.
Aman, as per your PM of 10:36am today, here is a copy of my PM reply.

In future, please advise if you have also asked on the forum, then I know to reply there for other reader's benefit too (and reply only once!)

If it is a clicking noise due to something turning round catching something not turning round, then it may well be a burr on the disc catching the pads or a stone (or similar obstruction) stuck in a cross-drill or vent of the disc catching the pads.

Jack car up, take wheel off, ideally rotate wheel to find click point and inspect the holes/vents or disc edge for issues.

Also check the clearance/proximity of the disc dust guard (caliper guard) - the thin metal guard on the back of the disc
Thanks GT4; apologies for not mentioning I had posted. I said it in passing as we were discussing something else; sorry for the confusion.

I've had a quick look at the car. There is something behind the disc which I've not noticed before. The clicking sound is still there, and there also is now a hot tyre-burning fume also. :(

Look directly behind the spoke at the metal thin guard - is this as it is meant to be be? Any other ideas?


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You need to localise the noise by turning the wheel (naked disc) if possible.

Look from inside too.

Hot tyre smell is probably you driving fast (and/or splattering mufflers with rubber "marbles")

Solve the noise first, the smell is probably a red-herring (not literally)

LOL!!! I get it. :)

Ok, I'll see what I can do to take a look.
I cannot notice or see anything unusual. I didn't take the tyres off, but I checked the discs and nothing appears to be stuck or looks untoward. I cannot do much more tonight due to time and work constraints, but will re-check as soon as I can.

Drove home after filling up, and upon application of the brakes, the tapping noise is still there. :x
If you keep asking, l'll keep guessing: so how about a broken coil?

Now, that should make you want to find the stone!
Here is a quick clip, listen at the last five seconds (you may need earphones to hear the tapping sound)

Here is a quick clip, listen at the last five seconds (you may need earphones to hear the tapping sound)

Sounds like disc warp to me.


Will it require the discs to be replaced?
1) I suggest you ask someone in the same room as the car to confirm
2) yes

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