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Tappet Noise? Grip Your Shaft!


Brands Hatch
25 Oct 2009

Just read an interesting advert relating to how loose rocker shafts can cause excessive oil leaks and lead to serious engine damage if the rocker becomes dislodged.

Obvious really - not rocket science and the more 'research' I've done the more I am convinced that this is the principal cause of oils leaks and engine failure if left unattended :eek:

I now suspect this was the cause of my cars earlier cam damage when tapping noise (according to the invoice) discovered by a previous owner resulted in damage to a lobe on the cam and a £1.6k bill

As you know my car went back in for some work but also to look at the tappet noise which had recently started on the NS bank. Fortunately I didn't drive it after discovering it. My tech guy suspected it might be a tappet that needed resetting or the spraybar blocked as although I described the previous incident (less than 5k miles ago) he thought this was uncommon but would know for sure when the rocker cover was off.

Just had the diagnosis back - loose rocker shaft bolt! Looks like I caught it in time and is definitely an area that needs to be checked at every service. :what: I've told him to renew any suspect items as a precaution.

There is also a report of this problem being diagnosed and then the shaft over torqued to fasten it in which can cause more movement in the shaft, the shaft becoming damaged/scored leading to more oil leaks.

It now makes me think whether this kit is worth investing in for the sake of $360?

Blimey Brian, Your bringing the 996/997 IMS Bearing paranoia over here now.
I'm off to buy a MK1 Escort. At least nothing can go wrong with a Ford :grin:

Cheap Insurance though, all the same.....
:hand: Forewarned is forearmed :thumb:

I can guarantee if you dont grip this something else will get gripped - probably your sphincter followed by your wallet :nooo:

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