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T-OBD / Scantool - Airbags


25 Jul 2013
Have been using the scantool and T-OBD cable today and everything works as expected with the exception of the SRS/airbag checks. All other modules check and diagnose in the different switch positions as expected, however the airbag module fails to even connect.

Had a quick search on Rennlist and here and couldn't see anything - has anybody else experienced this or have any ideas?

I have an RS wheel fitted (no airbag), I don't get an airbag warning light (assumed the bulb has been removed) but do get the main warning light on startup. I assume this is because the airbag not present but was hoping to confirm via scantool. There are no other fault codes.


OK, I don't profess to be an expert on this, but I can only assume that you don't have an error because the person that fitted the Steering wheel did it properly and fitted it with the resistor that substitutes the airbag, hence no error light or code.
I have the ToreB OBC lead and I bought it specifically to reset an airbag error.
I my case I drove the car with the airbag off to get my new wheel straight and didn't realise that it gives a permanent error on the OBC.
If you don't have an error to start with because the airbag has been substituted then you won't see one with the OBC lead.
Sounds like you have nothing to worry about? :dont know:
Thanks Citori, in this instance I can't even get the scantool to connect to the airbag system. I assumed (maybe incorrectly) that the PO who made the mod hadn't done it properly and had just removed the airbag light bulb, however this doesn't resolve the issue with the main warning light coming on each time the car is started (which you can dismiss) which is what currently happens.

Car is in with Tony at Wrightune in a week to make the resistor mod to fool the system into thinking the airbag is present, however currently I can't actually prove that this is needed as the airbag system is the only module that I can't get to connect. He will just stick a hammer onto to it which will prove either way but in the meantime I was hoping somebody might be able to shed some light onto why I can't connect the module.


OK as I said previously, I can only go by own experience but stating the obvious, I guess you have the switch on the lead set to SRS for the airbag?
I had an obvious error in the SRS section. I cleared this and the airbag warning light on the went out.
I honestly can't remember if the main warning light came on as well and had to be reset each time.
Do you have to reset the main warning using the switch each time?

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