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T-cut and arm ache...


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14 Oct 2002
I popped into the garage with some t-cut last night to get rid of a couple of tiny marks on the paintwork, bugs etc . I did the job in about 2 minutes. I stood back to admire my handywork: two clean white spots on a grey car. Slightly annoyed I did the whole panel so that it wouldnt notice. I ended up with 1 white panel on a grey car.

I then realised what I had started and spent 3.5 hours t-cuting then zymoling the whole car, I looks better than when I bought it.

Valuable lesson learnt: never t-cut any part of your car unless you have 3hrs to spare!

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LOL. Nice to have a clean car though! A good job done.

I am about to t-cut the whole side of my wife's Fiesta after some toe-rag keyed the rear wing, both passenger side doors and the front wing. Fortunately it looks like the villian was a bit of a wimp and only got through one layer of paint. I am hoping most of it will polish out. Not a job I am looking forward to though. Spending hours polishing a Porsche is one thing. Spending hours polishing a Fiesta is quite another....

PS Did you mean this thread to be in the Pre '74 section?

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There is some real scum about,

I had my 993 parked on the road temporarily the other day, There was a 20yr old lad saying goodbye to what I presume was his girlfriend who lives two houses along. I luckily enough walked out on the drive just in time to see him pull his keys out of his pocket and motion to his girlfriend as if to key the car. I advised him that if he wished to keep the use of his legs that it wasnt a good Idea.

But it could have been a different story had I not caught him.

(It was supposed to be in modern general chatter, not sure what happened there, I must have selected the wrong one.)

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