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Swine11 Reboot - fitment issues


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27 Aug 2022
I've fitted a a Swine11 ReBoot to my 993 C2 without issue, but I'm now having a lot of trouble getting into 2nd gear and I can’t get into 6 at all, due to the swine boot. The install looks fine. Going for 3rd and 5th still hits the boot at the top, so I don’t think I've re-fitted the console in the wrong place.

Has anyone come across this problem? The shift in my car is completely standard.


Slightly different scenario but I did have to get the dremel out when I did the same mod to my tiptronic.
I had to shim away some of the plastic as had contact its hidden by the rubber gaiter so not noticeable.


For something that is so simple yet soooo expensive you would hope it would fit without any drama!
Yep its a design fault as you can see I had 2nd and more so 6th cut away. it worked and you can t see it.

Have PMd

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@gunner can you post a pic of how you did this on tip g/box please?
@gunner can you post a pic of how you did this on tip g/box please?

Note I had this issue when fitted to my previous 964. I’ll stick my neck out here . I dont think it’s a design defect . I think this is due to bolting up the centre console.
Ie I loosened the fixings pulled the console back - probably 3-5mm and resecured - no issues.
With respect it might be how people are fitting - not the unit.
The same way you would do it on a manual I imagine?

I can't remember exactly where the contact was, but a little bit of remodelling and it fitted OK. As mentioned above, the gaitor covered the area anyway.
OP I've still got my precut one (as per pic above) I'm happy to sell if you want to give it a try saves you butchering your current one.

id never have thought of putting it on a tip shift - fair play!

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