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31 Oct 2012
As a newbie I see on here and the U.S. people talking about suspension. I just wondered what my 04 C4S came with as standard and what the other Porsche options were i.e M0030, x74 and so on and what kind of difference these make . Thks Kurt
come on GT4 I know you know the answer !!! :)
UK standard spec is M030 on C4S (-10mm drop)

X74 cost option is a further -20mm drop (-30mm total)

Those are the only two OEM suspensions for C4S (standard Carrera/Targa shipped with M029 suspension 0mm drop datum)
Many thks. Is the x74 the same as the standard but with shorter springs?
OK, that was the short answer.

The longer answer is all drops come with their own set of tuned shocks and arbs too (this is further defined by weight distribution of AWD/2WD, Manual/Tip, Coupe/Cab/Targa, NB/WB)

So there are dozens of suspension sets on PET.

Arbs are stiffened on each drop of the same body shell and for every corner weight gain ie +Tip, +AWD, +WB (but cab and Targa are softer tuned relative to each Coupe setting due to less stiff chassis - they are NOT allowed X74 either).

PS - WB X74 is technically called X73, but everyone refers to the -30mm drop by the NB option code X74.
Wow.Many thanks. Without offending is this straight from your head or a quick peek in the relevant book? if its from your head I must congratulate you as I really wish I could remember all the interesting facts I have been told or read but alas I think I suffer from mushy head syndrome :sad:
That was an easy question.

You'll have to ask something more difficult if you want me to get out the bath!
:grin: :grin: :grin: What year did ford replace the iron block for an Ali block in the rs1600 BDA ?? And what is the new cost of an Ali 1600 bda now ?
I'm not getting out of the bath for a Ford POS!

(OK, I know google does a good line in research, but I have the iPhone family filter turned on)
Lol rs1600's costing more than alot of the nice 993's
So does a Lana Marks Cleopatra handbag, but I don't want one of those either!

I don't like the badge.
Yeh it's not that pretty and quite common :bye: :bye: :bye:
On yer bike!

Only Stuart Weitzman for me.

Jimmy Choo's :roll:

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