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Suspension conundrum


17 Nov 2012
I decided earlier in the year that I would upgrade the suspension on my C2 in the summer. It can be a little "crashy & bangy" so will do the drop links and coffin arm bushes and the plan was to fit the M030 suspension upgrade.
I have now driven the car a little more in the last few weeks and apart from the odd "crashy & bangy" I like the way the standard car behaves. It corners at speed very well but is still pliable enough to soak up any poor road surfaces.
The problem is that the M030 package is fantastic value and seems daft not to replace the car with new components .
Has anybody fitted this package due to cost but regretted it due to being overly harsh compared to the standard set up ?
On the other hand have others fitted M030 and loved it so much they wished they had fitted it earlier ?
Do the uprated ARB's work with the standard set up or do they need the full M030 kit to work properly ?
I suppose the only way I would really know what to do was if anyone in the Southampton/ Hants area could take me for a spin :D
What year is your 996?
I took my '98 version to COG with similar thoughts. Chris checked the whole suspension system out and gave me a list of bits and pieces to change to stop a few creaks when going over speed bumps :gunfire: prior to having a full geo done.

The MO30 kit is good value, however changing the outer tracking rods, all of the bushes and possibly your coffin arms is more likely to cure your rattles. If you do put on the MO30 kit then you may want to change the top mounts while your at it :)

Chris at COG is a long way from Southampton but well worth a visit.

Have fun :lol:
Cheers Adam.

The car is a 2000 model.
We have a very well respected Geo expert in Southampton. The Wheel Alignment centre are getting rave revues from all that have used them.
I am aware that some small alterations could make a huge difference but was curious as how different the M030 set up is from the standard car.
Getting on a bit now so don't want the old bones rattled around too much :D .
I think a call to the WAC should be my first point of action and see what they recommend :thumb:
I had m030 suspension fitted to my 3.6 c2 last week.

The car originally had the standard suspension which was now over 10 years old. The car did crash over large bumps in the road, but nothing to upset me. I use my car as a daily driver and found the ride perfectly acceptable.

Prior to fitting new tyres last month, I took the car in for a geo check. I was told that the front shock absorbers were a bit weak.

Rather than just replace the front shock absorbers I decided on the m030 kit in order to refresh both ends of the car. I was worried that the ride would be too hard for a daily driver, but the price convinced me to give it a try.

Whilst the m030 kit was fitted, I also had the front top mounts, coffin arms and drop links replaced.

I have now been driving it for a week on the m030 and to answer your question: I wish I had fitted it sooner. The ride is different in that small imperfections in the road surface are more noticeable, but the larger bumps and potholes do not upset the car as much and all the crashing has gone. I find it more comfortable, the improved damping is particularly noticeable. An example of the improved ride is that on my usual commute route there are 3 locations where particular bumps caused the CD player to skip, with the lower and stiffer m030 the CD player no longer skips at these places.

I realise that some of the ride improvement is due to the new top mounts and coffin arms, but nevertheless I am amazed that the m030 not only provides better handling but also a smoother ride than 10 year old standard suspension.
Spot on JKH.

That is what I was hoping to hear. I am sure the M030 would be firmer but did not know how firm.
Did you buy the kit from OPC or AN other ?
It did seem to me that if I was going to take the time and money to replace things like drop links, coffin arm bushes and top mounts then I should go the whole hog and replace springs and struts too.
I bought it from my local OPC, cost about £570 incl vat. Took a week to come from Germany.
JKH112 said:
I bought it from my local OPC, cost about £570 incl vat. Took a week to come from Germany.

Did you have to specify what car/model you were fitting to when you ordered?

I know MO30 wasn't offered on the Targa from new, so wondering how to get around the awkward scenario of being told there is no MO30 fitment available for it!!

PS. that seems a great price!!

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