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Super solicitor for 126mph


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21 Jun 2003
My brother recently got stopped for speeding on the M40 on his way back to see our very sick grandmother. Touch and go whether he would make it back in time. Any one know of a good solicitor who might be able to help him. His court date has arrived.
Can't cost too much as he is poor!! But lovely with it.

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Get one less option on your C4S cab and you should be able to afford it! Don't know any solicitors. Would 126mph result in a ban?

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It will indeed require a super solicitor or a large bribe in the dirction of the Magistrate! Looks like a hefty ban could be coming his way!


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At the risk of sounding unsensitive, I fear that driving at 126 mph is a calculated risk and if you get caught it's a fair cop.

PS I do sympathise. I'm down to one grandparent now and she is on her last legs. :(

PPS I wish your brother good luck. Loosing his driving license would suck.

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Was he caught by the traffic police or camera

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... it's just soooo tempting sometimes. Even though I was caught doing around 110 (in an Astra!) about 10 years ago, I just can resist a quick blip up to 140 on the SAME road (in the right conditions of course). It's just a matter of time I guess!!!!

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Many moons ago I was caught at 101.2 MPH on the M20. I was told then to get a solicitor as over 100 was an automatic ban, plus fine plus points. There were mitigating circumstances for me too (I sped up to get away and pull over from a pillock in an escort doing 90 about 12 inches behind me whilst flashing his headlights). I went into my local town, found a solicitor who seemed ok. On my day in court, nothing could have prepared me for my solicitors opening statement. "My client, a city currency trader, was on the morning of the 27th, driving his porsche cabriolet..........." I suspected at this point that any sympathy angle was taking a bit of a pounding. Actually, you could'nt see the magistrates as they were bringing the timber in to construct the gallows. I resigned myself to everything they would throw, but surprisingly, I got no ban, but did get 6 points in one hit. I would definitely recommend a solicitor, but not mine. His double bluff strategy is not for the feint hearted.

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I think a ban comes at more than 30 mph over the limit - ie if you are doing over 70mph in a 40 mph zone, a ban is likely.

The only chance your brother has is if it was a speed camera offence with a NIP- if the photo evidence is unclear he is laughing.

If he was pulled over by a traffic cop, he's probably screwed, as a sick grannie is never going to count for much against 126 mph on a motorway. If his job is car dependent, he may just get a way with a huge fine. If not, ban is on the way.

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The other alternative is to have a 2nd driving licenece in another name. When you get stopped hand this one over. Works for me.

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How do you get a 2nd driving licence in another name ?

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yes how do get another one - Decompressing & co not to read

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Thanks for all your advice. Seems James is stuffed. Although having spoken to him yesterday he is resigned to a ban. The solicitor he went to was obviously very unsympathetic and negative about his chances of just getting a fine. his job does rely on his car but fortunately I know his boss very well! He got caught by an unmarked Subaru (i think). Very sneaky now these policemen. They have to make their wages up some how!
Anyway James knows he's a dick the M40 is the police mans carpark but I really feel sorry for my little brother. I would be gutted if I was in his position.I will just have to taxi him round for a while! In the mean time his MR2 will have to sit in the garage gathering dust.


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Did you say MR2? They should throw the book at him!

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Neil and Johnny,

Let me have your e-mail addresses and I'll give you the details off line (for the obvious reason!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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A word from the wise for any of you out there thinking about being as cretinous as CC993....do NOT be tempted to either obtain a driving licence in a false name, a micky mouse one, or a "spare" i.e. duplicate licence unless you want to entertain the thought of going to prison...yes, prison (remember that bloke Archer? thats why he got put inside...for an offence called "attempting to pervert the course of justice")

If you think you're clever and won't get caught, you might be right and get away with it once (possibly)....or, if you're like the two women that I have dealt with in the last month alone who (in separate incidents) tried to do exactly what CT993 is suggesting, you will be caught out.

In their cases, both of them were arrested at the roadside and taken back to our custody centre. One of them spent the best part of three days incarcerated at the nick whilst her true identity was being investigated before she went to Court. She is now on bail, but will be going to prison, no doubt about it when she go's back.

The other one (which only happened yesterday in fact) spent 7 hours in custody, was charged with numerous offences and bailed to Court. This was all in an attempt to avoid a poxy £30 seatbelt ticket!!

This Forum is great for Porsche enthuisiasts and I'm sure that most of us are sensible about what we do, and yes we all like driving our cars fast...I speed (in the right places, I'm only human), but I would hate to think of any of you lot ending up inside after taking stupid advice from someone who clearly needs to think again about what they're doing temselves and what they're suggesting to other people to do....

Think about it guys (and girls!).....prison is not a nice place (I've been there plenty of times for work and it gives me the willies!!)

Marc (with his serious head on, not to be a killjoy but to save one or more of you from doing something you may regret for a long time)

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