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Sunroof won't close sometimes


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29 May 2009
Out in the sunshine yesterday and opened the sunroof, all was well in the world until I come to close it!

I had to close it as I was going to drive on a motorway (I find the buffeting unpleasant)so I pushed the close button to shut it and it started to close but with about 50mm to go it stopped and started to re open (I took my finger off the switch when this started to happen). I then tried to close it again and had the same issue, after about four attempts I applied some gentle pressure to help close it and it shut.

This evening I opened it again and applied a drop of GT85 (penetrating oil with PTFE) to the spring/cable and runners, I then closed it with no problem. I then reopened it and closed it a couple of times and all was well, however on the fourth attempt it repeated the aforementioned problem.

However this time it seemed to not want to close all, it would however move back wards and after about 5 attempts I eventually got it to close. Interestingly applying some gentle pressure to close it didn't work at all.

I am starting to think that maybe the switch is faulty as the mechanism operates smoothly with no juddering.

Any ideas comments?


I had the same a while back, think it was due to my battery getting low, not had a problem since I replaced the battery...
The motors can detect an over-force if the worm-gear is not correctly lubed (and cleaned of frictional debris!) and stop or "bounce" the closure process.

Clean off with some WD-40 and rags/toothbrush and re-lube with PTFE or graphite high-perfomance oil.

PS - worm-gear is in the sunroof runners (visible if you stand over your car and crane your head into the hole with the roof open)
Sorry GT4 am I craning my head looking towards the front of the car or the rear to see the worm gear?
In the runners that the sunroof runs along which run "north-south", so to speak.

ie they are on either side of the sunroof aperture.
graham.hassall said:
Sorry GT4 am I craning my head looking towards the front of the car or the rear to see the worm gear?

anyone have a photo please?

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