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Suggestions for 996T tyre supplier


5 Sep 2012
Evening all, as per title I'm look for a good source for tyres

I've tried all my usual sources, mytyres.co.uk and camskill.co.uk (coming out the cheapest). Any other suggestions?
Event tyres- they'll come out to fit at a place of your convenience as well.
In the last three years I've had new tyres from:

Camskill supplied - fitted to refurbed wheels by Exel (Chris W)
Exel - new contis supplied / fitted by Exel
http://www.micheldever.co.uk - 9 new tyres in the last 18months, including some damn-near impossible to find silly-sized 19" run-flats for the Mrs' X3. All good prices and for tyres I was struggling to source.
Give Chris W @ Exel Wheels a shout.....
Just having mine replaced by Chris W (Exel) too :thumb:

(MPS2 N3)
+1 camskill
I must say I do like the Exel service:

A very nice chap turns up at your house and removes your chipped grubby wheels with barely legal tyres.

However leaves you mobile with tyres that are legal and good.

A week a later suddenly you have bright spanking new wheels and tyres and you have not even had to leave your house or get your hands dirty.

What is not to love about this?
Maidenhead tyres in mAIDENHEAD IF UR NEAR- brilliant price/service & professional
Tinker said:
GT4 said:
Just having mine replaced by Chris W (Exel) too :thumb:

(MPS2 N3)

Be interesting to hear what you think of them.

I'm not ignoring you.

But I've only done 20 miles on them, and they need to bed in before I can give you a proper review.
GT4 said:
I'm not ignoring you.

But I've only done 20 miles on them, and they need to bed in before I can give you a proper review.

Roll on 2015 :grin:
Have written elsewhere about new new Michelin PS2 N3s 'squirming' at 120+ and not feeling as planted as P Zeros.

May have found the answer. Pressures. The Michelins seem to like true/no less than 36lbs front and 44lbs rear. In other words, at any pressures below these, they begin to squirm.

This may fit Chris of Exel's argument that Michelin sidewalls are softer than Pirellis (and so need accurate/correct pressures for stiffness).

Whatever, after 2,000+ miles and with triple-checked pressures, they feel much better than new and a pound/a couple of pounds under pressure.

Am beginning to like them.
Hi Tinker, glad you are finding your feet with them, so to speak. Interesting observations/feedback.

Just musing really but FYI cold pressures on some of the 997 GT cars with 19's are 29 and 34 psi (opposed to 36/44 on standard 997's +/-) , maybe its because they are lighter cars. I had a 997 4S customer who had 29/34 in his and it drove awful 'til I pointed out the garage had completely got the pressures wrong. Transformed it.

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