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Subaru P1 Versus Others


17 Sep 2003
I'm back guys. Wife had twins so the 911 will have to wait a wee while till they can go in without car seats.

I am going to buy something quick, round about 15-17k.

My thoughts are Subaru P1 or Cerbera. Bit concerned about the thing not starting as it is my only car.

Any other quick cars in this budget. I also thought S4 Audi and M3 is out as I have had one already.

Suggestions appreciated

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Sorry Guys obviously drawn a blank with my non 911 based query.

Scooby net here I come.......

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I wouldn't dismiss the TVR, friend of mine just took his Tuscan on a 3,500 mile drive around europe - not a single problem!!! Amazing.

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P1 or an Evo of some sort?

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Subaru is prob' the most practical family super car !

TVR Tuscan... all I can say is that I was looking to buy one instead of a 993, went to seee one privately and it broke down from the seller taking it out of the garage and onto the drive way ! otherwise a lovely car !

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I test drove a Cerbera with the 'smooth' new straight six engine - it was the fastest tractor I've ever been in... And I don't know if the sales guy was just trying to keep me away from the cheaper stock, but he strongly advised me not to think seriously about an older V8 model (which is what you'll be looking at for £15-£17k) because of reliability problems - and this from a franchised TVR dealer! - Stick with the Jap metal for that money.

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As a Subaru WRX SportWagon owner I have the opposite dilemma - I'm looking to move to the 993 before the kids come along. With the Scooby I get 2 sets of golf clubs plus the trolley in the boot or the mountain bikes and skis on the roof if needed - I'd be hard pushed for a single set of clubs in the 993...... I'd recommed the Scooby for the most practical fun drive for that money or perhaps an Audi RS2 if you can find a RHD one with lowish miles. Most seem to be LHD and high miles.

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Talking of RS2's. Eporsch have got a right hooker for sale but it isn't low mileage.... Would 15-17k see you an early AMG55? Seem to recall seeing one or two for 18K trawling auto trader's website on a slow afternoon in the office....


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be vvvv. careful with RS2's.....

having spoken to Audi specialists over the years about them, they dont really like them as they can / will be a lot of trouble.....

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