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Stunning 964 coupe wanted

A bit ironic then - from the site (which is really nice):

"The car was featured in a six-page article in 911 & Porsche World, Dec 2002 issue, written by Philip Raby ([u:Y7ZPzLFK44]). A PDF copy of the article is available on request."

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Hi Phil - I hope you didn't mind the namecheck on my little-nomad site :)

Mind you, "my" site is a bit bold - my sister is a web designer so put it all together for me. I just took the photos and provided the text (plus spent a fortune on the 964, obviously).

It is still a great car, if you have anyone interested, but then I'm bound to say that, aren't I?


964 3.8, for a while longer

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No problem at all - very impressive site (and car!). I've passed the details on to a couple of people.

So, what are you replacing it with?



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Sadly, something grown up due to our expanding family - child #3 due is later this year. I haven't decided exactly what at the moment, thoughts oscillating between M5, XC90, V70R, A6 Avant, Discovery 3 and KNS!!! I'd get an RS6 if I could, but don't think I can reasonably ask £35K for the 964.... can I? :)


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M5 top top kit. Would love one but the missus insists on 4x4.

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Hmm... we'll see. Don't really need a 4x4 in London, although many people think they do ;-) Bit concerned about running costs on a M5. After my 964?!!!


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EVO magazine did a great buyers' guide about the M5 a little while back- prob available as a back issue from them.

So much more exciting than a "Chelsea Tractor"! On the other hand, I could be tempted into a Range Rover Sport 4.2 supercharged should they depreciate usefully...

How about a Jag XJR?


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Thanks, I have read and re-read the M5 guide countless times :) It was EVO's fault that I bought a 911 in the first place, the rats.

Sadly my budget won't stretch to the performance end of the Chelsea tractor brigade. A RR Sport 4.2 is a top idea, but probably wouldn't arrive until 2007 and I kind of need something big enough to comfortably accommodate three kids by mid-August!

Thought about an S-Type R rather than XJR as they seem reasonably cost effective, but my wife thinks I'm too young for one :)


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