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Stuck in Park

Alan Skirvin

27 Jan 2005
Collected my 993 Targa Tip yesterday, drove it 200 miles home all fine no problems, put it in the garage moved it into Park then wanted to move it forward a little more, it will not now shift out of Park the lever is solid, you can see a hear movement when you turn the ignition on, but it just will not disengage any ideas please.

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I think the Auto gearbox is controlled by the foot brake, you need to make sure the engine is started with the pedal (Brake) no pressed down,when running, then put your foot on the brake (you should hear a click from the gear lever) and she should then go into the required Gear.

hope this helps.


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Dan have tried what I think are the correct actions but it wont move, but you dont hear a click when you press the foot brake, you do see and hear a little movement when you turn the key, and from the handbook this would seem to be correct.

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Another thing to check, look under the dash and on the foot brake pedal there should be a switch (that tells the gearbox when the brake in pressed down), check the wires are not broke, or come off..

what year is the car?


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Thanks Dan will have a look, its 1997 Targa Tip 30000 miles bought it from a private man yesterday, its FMDPSH it seems very good, have had it inspected etc, hope this is just a small bit of bad luck.

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It should be Alan..Hope it helps.

let me know how you get on.


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The top of the gear lever on my tiptronic used to come undone and the lever would not then go into Park. It was just a matter of rotating the black button on the gear knob clockwise to get it to work. Try this as I don't know if it affects it coming out of Park.

I'm sure it will be just a little thing like that

David Tree

1996 993 Targa Tip

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Thanks David, it is the top of the gear knob causing the problem, if you turn it a little it solves the problem, but I have not yet worked out why, as if you turn it full tight it then will not work, but just moving it has an effect, just pleased to be able to move the car. Thanks to you all for your help.

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