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Stone chip guard


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9 Sep 2002
Have any of you had your cars covered in any of the various bodywork protection systems available, my dealer is offering me supa guard, which is apparantly a thin film of somthing (excuse my over technical description) that saves the paintwork. Any thoughts? Thanks

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I did some research into these bodywork protection films. They all seem to be the same material, produced by 3M. The only differences are the number and shape of the pieces fitted. The more pieces the easier to fit, the less likely to get bubbles but the more likely to have visible edges. Getting it properly fitted is all important. Also be aware that you will be able to see the edges of the film but it will protect your paintwork (mainly from stone chips). It is up to you, do you find slightly visible edges to film more or less unslightly than stone chips?

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Gonna go and see a couple of cars that have it fitted, dont think the visible edges would bother me that much as long as it did actually work.

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I also like pefect bodywork, but personnally I prefer to see a painting with some stone chips on it than a bonet covered with a pllastic film. My grand father bought a car he was so proud of that he did'nt want to damage it. When he died, the seats were still protected by their original plastic covers!

Enjoy your car now! When time will come to make it a museum attraction, it will still be time to renew its bodywork!


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Sarbs, I'm with JP on this one. I've also been down this route, only to find that it's actually cheaper to have a good respray done!

Get a quote for the film, and a quote for a respray, then decide, but remember, you will see the film edges.


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If its the same supagard (spelt correctly) that i had fitted to my civic type R its not a film more of a chemical coating that is not visible. However I didn't notice much chipping but I only had the car 9 months (although I did do 18000 miles) This was about a £300 option but it included covering the interior with like a scotch guard type thing. One thing it wasn't a visible coating.

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Can anyone give me some contact details for these products.

As per my other thread, I am thinking of only having the rocker-cover/sills and rear lower quarter panels done.

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Will post you some details tomorrow on super guard, the type of chip preventer that i'm gonna get on my car.

An american dude called "doncapecod2" has pictures of the 3m scotch film guard being applied to his 996, I think this is probably the best type of protector for your requirements, you can cut it to size and place it where needed, don says that the quality of the cars colour isnt effected.

click on the link to see pictures of him protecting his car

page 23 by the way!


Hope this helps.

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