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Stolen 993RS

Toby Armfield

9 Sep 2003
From Pistonheads:

Chaps & chapesses, My beloved bright red 993 RS was stolen from outside my house in London in the early hours of this morning. If you get offered one that matches, please let the police and me know. It was, of course, fully alarmed, Trackered and immobilised. For the thieves convenience, I had just had it serviced as well. Spec below, please feel free to pass on to anyone you know who is in the Porsche etc world. Blessings for a thousand generations and at least a case of quite exceptional wine to anyone who finds it! Meyrick Cox 07768 392962 Porsche 911 RS N390 FKJ Left Hand Drive Guards Red Options: Big wings, air con, electric windows, Brixton stereo, bolt-in Ruf cage, harness, Recaro fixed-back seats Chassis Number WPOZZZ99ZTS390827 Engine Number 63586491

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how did they steal it if it was alarmed, immobilised and trackered? without waking anyone up?

makes you worry!

my commiserations to Meyrick

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...makes you wonder how good a tracker is

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A tracker is not involved in stopping the thieves in the first place, it just sends out a signal of where the car is, I think.

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So have Tracker tracked it?

According to their blurb they should have it and the theives in custody by now.

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We have a Peugeot 106 in the garage for major body repairs, a week later we started removing doors etc, within 10 minutes Tracker had phoned the owner asking if the vehicle was safe, as they had been alerted, we only moved the thing 10 yards!! brilliant device i think, only problem with any electronic protection is that whoever designed it, somebody cleverer can always override it, pro thieves will beat any electronic device you buy, a good old manual immobiliser switch that you fit yourself, and hide is as good as most bits of fancy kit, my old race transporter had one wired into the heated rear window switch, worked perfectly.


Jason Bunyan

993 cab

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Hi Toby,

too bad!

I informed my club; The info should be in our next "News".

Did you put a post on rennlist. As it's a lefthand drive, she could leave your country quite easy with foreign registration plates!

X fingers


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Tracker can probably be disarmed using that gadget the guy tried on the Z4 that they tried to steal.

(Ramblings but you know what I am saying from earleir thread)

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Suggestion from a South African - We are probably most used to people stealing our things so probably have the advantage over mere mortals who live in a relatively safe environment - or maybe I am just a nasty suspicious bastard - but :

I bet that someone at the garage where you just had it serviced is involved - remember they have just had access for 8 or more hours to your keys, immobiliser, mabe had an opportunity to disable the tracker, see where the secret switches are etc.

If you left any post/old envelopes in your car while being serviced then he has your address too, although there are many ways to find out what your address is - you may even have written it down for the garage !

Probably not a mechanic - more likely a cleaner/ car washer/ someone non-professional, low wages etc. who would have nothing to lose by handing over the info above for a couple of hundred to a professional.

I expect the the police will follow this line of questioning but it is worth mentioning anyway !

PS - as the owner of a mere C4S, if my suggestions help then I would REALLY like a ride when you get it back!


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Must add my sympathies to all.

The tracker thing worries me. Either they did get hold of a set of keys like LOJO suggests which I think is a good possiblity or can a pro disable a tracker that easily. When I biffed mine the phone was ringing the minute it was put on the recovery vehicle.

Hope they find it soon and more importantly it gets returned in a state that you still want it. Also whether it's found or not I hope you've got good Insurance, either way you bet the Insurance guys will stiff you as well, there's always a short fall which only kicks a guy when he's already down. :(

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Keep us all posted on the status of the lost RS. I would agree that eith LOJO it sounds plausable.

Maybe all Porsche owners should pay a £10 per year into a bounty fund. When anyone messes with our motors we put a bounty on their head out of the fund.

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Its not my RS (i wish) - it was posted on pistonjeads - i thought the more ppl that know about it the better

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You have really got me sh1tting myself now because I only live a stone throw from Bexleyheath and do not have the benefit of a traacker though getting it out of a garage is a 10 minute job. To think my Insurance went down by 20% when I moved from SW London to this area!

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