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Stinky bottle?


13 Mar 2013
Have any of you got the same problem as me?

Every time I apply the screen washers, the water onto the screen is the most rank smell!! A bit like a dead rat in a toilet cistern. I assume this is because I have a stinky washer bottle? :puh:

Always add Porsche screenwash to the washer bottle. Smell not noticed during the hot spell in the summer. Only in the past week or so.

Is it a unique Cayman problem, or more widespread across all models?
It's pretty much covered in that link but what the hell ..

It's common across all models and on cars that are not used that much ..

If you don't use a car a lot then you don't use the washers that much ..

On a service we add the screen wash solution before filling with water .. these cars won't take too much water so the bottle ends up being overfilled with the wash solution ..

This breaks down over time and becomes a bad smelling jelly in the bottle .

To the point the washers don't really work .. you have to empty the washer bottle .. circa 1 hr labour and start again .

Drive the car more or blame the mechanics .. personally i would blame the mechanics ;)
Thanks all.
It's quite strange as the car has been my daily for the past 18 months so washers are regularly used.

In the end, stuck in about a dozen baby bottle sterilising tablets with warm water, waited overnight, then blasted the whole load through. Now back on the Porsche screen wash and all good.

My car no longer smells like it has s**t itself. 😀
Strangely my Porsche is the only car where I can smell the screen wash which is nice and lemony all my other cars there is no smell so maybe it's just a Porsche thing.

Also you can use generic screen wash to save a few quid


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