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Still seeking a 9A1 Gen 2 manual 3.8 with engine problems


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20 May 2009
Just a gentle reminder to everyone that having successfully come up with more than one repair option for these 3.6 and 3.8 engines (for cylinder scoring/seizing both wet and dry replacement cylinder options) and completed tests on our 4.0 litre capacity upgrade (presently fitted to a PDK car) I am still looking to fit the 4.2 next stage capacity increased engine into a manual 3.8 and seeking a car with engine damage as the mule.



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I always have an eye out just in case for one of these .. but as you know .. pretty damn rare and i've not even heard of one locally let alone seen one .

I will still keep looking out though.

they are much more reliable but also younger of course - and we have had to repair 5 or 6 engines already - but the owners all wanted to keep them.

Great respect by the way for your honesty in trying to help the guy with the misfires. I only just got round to reading the story and if it had not been for us having recently fitted additional knock sensor equipment to our experimental ECO-POWER engine - I don't think I would have thought of that - but as I read through and got to the various contributors with similar issues resulting from vibrations - the penny dropped - and it is of course only sound that is triggering the sensors and other vibrations (and including solid engine mounts) can recreate similar noises and influence engine management to retard ignition etc.

Just in case you ever come across it we also have found "plausibility" programmes written into the earlier 9A1 Gen 2 ECU's (especially PDK's) that can hold back performance increases. Also difficult to run on rear wheel only dyno's which I have been told later models have a way of switching off (something I need to look into more any other experiences of this welcome).

We managed to get our 3.6 PDK car (that I enlarged to 4 litre) going really well but I have a step 2 next development 4.2 litre replacement sitting here to try and don't want to go through all those plausibility issues again with even more power in a PDK (even though I love PDK transmission) and decided a manual would be an easier route (fingers crossed).

Keep up the good work Mort.

I don't really know DME software routines but my guess is there is a routine that looks at various values and throttles back some performance enhancing upgrades ? a means of protecting the engine im guessing ?

I know someone whos does remaps , tune outs of things like add blue etc so i can have a word with him if what i have described is correct .. not back at work till tuesday so let me know there ... you can always phone us at work if you wish .. i'm sure you have the number :) Ryan is the person .

ref the knock sensor issue .. i suspect there is a hidden adaption map for the knock sensors that we cannot see on a tester .. kinda like the fuel trim values which we can see but for these sensors ..

I can see no way that a reprogram of a DME can stop this issue for a while otherwise ... an adaption of knock sensors to give a baseline setting for further adaptations in essence .

On my car i knew how to reproduce the issue so on R/T i drove that way and had the fault back in less than 3 miles .. owner told me upto 20 miles ... but he did have another issue .. either way 8-10 miles seems the norm from what i've read of that post .

I can also say that Piwis doesn't always show all values , i've seen more using an autologic tester and i've seen more coding options than either of these with a durametric ..

So obviously the basic piwis only lets us know what Porsche wants us to know ... i saw no Knock sensor retardations when i looked at mine under all rev conditions .


I've just been thinking about this .. i really wish i could just switch off at times but hey ho .. i've seen on some of the newer models under fuel info a Map 1 listing .. this to me as its in that section would be a knock sensor map .

Fuel info section on a tester indicates the RON value ... map 1 would be the Ron setting im guessing .
Thanks Mort very helpful and informative as always.

I know what you mean - these things stay with us until we find the answers unfortunately.

As we are lucky to have Wayne Schofield close by we leave re-mapping to him and so are probably less familiar with the fine details of where to look in the systems than him - mind you we are having to get more into it with our Eco-Power project.

If I find out anything useful I will let you know.

If you are changing the engine components, then you need to recalibrate the ECU's.

For a start if you change capacity then you need to tell the ecu otherwise all the airflow calculations are out.

There are plausibility checks for every input and output. Plus everything is torque based and this torque calculation uses airflow. So if the airflow increases substantially then the ECU will reduce engine output using a number of methods such as closing the throttle, adjusting cam timing and adjusting ignition angle. The PIWIS won't help you with any of this as it doesn't allow the logging of the required variables.

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