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Still more problems..........


27 Apr 2003
Another fun weekend........

The Multi CD has packed up again, the drivers side washer jet was blocked (but works again now), the PCM 2 unit still has a mind of its own and all in all the Porsche experience is wearing a bit thin. :(

The car is booked in this week and I hope it may be the last time for some time.

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You shoulda bought a 993. :wink:

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why suddenly the passion for an M5?

It's been around for a while. Undoubtedly a great machine. But why a new one & not used? Are M5 residuals really strong?

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Sorry Mogsy.........

do you mean the NEW shape M5 ?

If so - then V10 fabulous - but i'm not convinced by the shape.

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It's the new M5.

The shape will grow on everyone, remember the days of the Sierra? (ok, it WAS a crap car, but it broke the mould).

The reason why it's going to be a new one is it's my company car.......and why settle for second best? :D

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Can't believe the problems you've had Mogsy, doesn't inspire any confidence in the marque's current standard of output. Hopefully your next visit will have your car suitably rectified.

I'm sure the M5 will be a very good drive (I considered buying a used current model at one point), when is it out?

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To be honest I've given up on the 996. Yeh it's a great car but it has had a few niggles which you wouldn't expect. I now think the main problem is the continuing decline of the relationship with my local dealer. Sure they try to be helpful, but I feel like I'm being a pain the butt and that when I go in they all stare and wisper to themselves!

The new M5 is released August next year and I should be (ha, ha) one of the first RHD's which will be with us Feb/March 2005. It has at least 500BHP, a seven speed sequential gearbox and even a head up display!. Not getting too excited about it at the moment, but I really don't think I'm going to miss the C2 which is a shame....... :(

Even though it's got a few problems, it'll be a good buy for someone because I always sell privately at trade prices rather than trying to make a buck. So if anyone is interested, I may take an offer......

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The new bimmer sounds spot on technically, I just haven't quite adjusted to the styling. As far as I'm concerned, of Chris Bangles' designs, only the Z4 is a success.

As for your C2, someone wil be buying one with the probs ironed out, which ain't no bad thing.

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Forget the styling, feel the horse power!

Picked up my car from AFN this afternoon. They have changed the CD multi play, loaded new software for the PCM 2. Fixed the seats, replaced the mats for the correct ones, cleaned the washers (?) and given it a really good clean inside and out.

The rear trim is still on order but I can wait for that. I hope this is the last visit for a while but that remains to be seen.

What is interesting is that regardless of the problems, I got in the car and drove it home and still had a massive smile on my face. Regardless of how much I moan they are still great cars.......

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