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Sticky clutch and other anxieties


25 Apr 2003
My new 993 (95N), which I took to France for the weekend and about 500 miles of mostly m/way driving, is causing me a little bit of anxiety.

1. The clutch is sometimes (but not always) sticky in that it seems to not quite disengage, especially at low speeds. Pedal feel is light. What could be the cause?

2. The car feels quite 'darty', especially on poor surfaces and moves around quite a bit. A tracking problem perhaps?

3. It creaks a bit on uneven surfaces as if the bodyshell is flexing. Normal?

Other than that, I'm really pleased with it -- it really is in superb condition.

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Where are all the 993 owners when you need them?

My own 2 penny-worth:

1. Clutch not disengaging sounds just like an adjustment issue, and the fact it is light sounds normal - I understand 993 clutches are light but as I have never driven one I am guessing here.

2. I reckon you are right - sounds like an alignment issue, although 911's do have light front ends so this could just be the nature of the beast. Have you driven any other 993's to compare against?

3. Flexing body shell doesn't sound right and 911's are usually pretty creak/squeak free. It sounds like a check up at an OPC / specialist is in order though to put your mind at rest on all these issues. However, I would have thought your PPI would have picked up on any serious clutch / suspension / chassis issues



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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by James Ball on 12 May 2003


I would have thought your PPI would have picked up on any serious clutch / suspension / chassis issues


Quite, me too!

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Can't comment on the clutch feel although I have caught mine staying down momentarily ie. coming back up slower than my foot but only once or twice. Feel is always medium stiff and bite is always the same.

I find my car is very 'darty' as you put it on uneven surfaces but put it down to mine having the factory sports suspension which is v. firm. At high speed it is quite a handful!

Only creaking from mine is a slight noise from the dash - chassis never makes a noise and always feels rock solid, as before with the suspension.

Sorry can't offer real advice but what you describe seems to be more than just 993 traits.


'95 Carrera 4

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Same here, my 964 is on 225/265's on 18" rims with RUF sports suspension & can "track" a little if road surfaces aren't brilliant.

Once you're aware of it, just drive to the conditions .

( In other words.... "They all do that sir!" )

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Yes I wondered if that were the case though mine is on 16 inch wheels and standard suspension, and it doesn't feel as stiffly suspended as my TVR was, and that didn't feel as skittish. I'll get it checked anyway.

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