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Stereo upgrades for 993's


New member
18 Aug 2003
I' m about to take delivery of my first ever Porsche-a 993-and very excited indeed!

I love the car to bits and its always been my dream drive. However, I really enjoy a car with a decent sound system and the current set-up is a bit on the flimsy side. It has a front loading CD player and the standard fitted speakers.

Can anyone recommend a place in the London region to take my beloved new acquisition to have a CD changer fitted, some decent speakers (Bose?) and good selection of consoles? Anything else I need to consider when having this fitted? Prices? etc

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We had an alpine in our old 993, that was a good stereo :D
. Don't know about retailers though, search the net.

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Go to Kamar in Edgware, the owner has done my cliffords for a while. He has a late 993 C2S and has done a great custom install, he uses Boston speakers etc.

Check him out he is v,good and he knows his Porkers, so he wont damage your 993.

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I thought you sold it to Manek?

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MP3 and WMA are definately the way to go, I would not bother with multi changer any more given that you can get 12 disk on one in that format. Mate of mine has the pioneer with the fold down front - excellent bit of kit. The only other spanner in the works is Digital radio I know some of the Alpine kit supports both DAB and MP3 etc. Forget multi changers - high spec head units with good speakers. The above links to caraudiodiscount are about the the best priced places I have seen.

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The people that I use are AutoAudio Installations 32-34 Park Royal Road, London NW10 7LN. Tel 020 88388838. Speak to Greg Morris. They do the ICE for lots of the Porsche specialists in West London and really do know their stuff. The array of cars they had in there last time I was in was unbelievable. They're really good at clever custom installations - they plumbed in an iPod into my mate's 993 TT together with a power supply and holder built into the door bin - very cool indeed.

They upgraded my speakers using an Alpine component set with plastic cones (911 doors are designed to let water in between the inner and outer skins so paper coned speakers can get trashed very quickly) and Boston Acoustics in the rear. I had a problem with a wire shorting out on a door frame and they stayed open late on a Saturday evening to wait for me to come in so they could sort it out - very impressive service !

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Previous poster said:
Quote: Originally posted by sutchy on 03 September 2003


I thought you sold it to Manek?

I've been a bit tardy replying to Luke -- he now has a response...

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I'm struggling to find a decent set of speakers that fit without too much hassle. Could you let me know your speaker's model numbers? Were you able to retain the original grilles?


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My car is a 3.2 - The 993 might well have a slightly different set up ? I've just had a look at a couple of 993 doors and it looks pretty similar. I think as stansard you will have 5.25" round speakers in the front. Any after market 5.25" speaker should slot right into the hole and you should be able to re-use the grilles. I have gone to a 6" Alpine woofer with separate tweeter. The door panel obviously needed to be cut to fit the larger woofer but it would need a real anorak to notice that there was any difference. Fortunately the Alpine grilles are very plain and a good match for the original grilles on the tweeter units.

As for the rears the problem (certainly with a 3.2) is the lack of depth available on the rear parcel shelf. This means that you can't really go any bigger than the standard 4"x6" speakers. The solution to this was to fit Boston Acoustic units that sit slightly proud of the parcel shelf so only the very bottom of the driver pokes down into the aperture. This means that the parcel shelf did not need to be hacked around at all so should I ever want to put back the original weedy Blaupunkts it wouldn't be a problem.

I'll have a look at home for model numbers - but I hope this helps a bit !

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Thanks a lot. I have the same 5.25" & 4"x6" so your set up sounds good.

(Excuse the pun)

BTW, did you keep the original cross-overs, or put in the Alpine one?

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This is all very good stuff-very much appreciated!!

Another related question: If I was going to do this in stages, what's the best order: head unit, amplifier, speakers. Or to save me headaches in the long run, is it better that I bite the bullet and get it all done in one sitting, so to speak?

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I'd do it - speakers, head unit then amp last. But you'll notice the biggest difference if you do it all at once !!!

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