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Stereo Problems


Sao Paulo
13 Dec 2012
So just been investigating the two problems I have with my PCM stereo in my C4S

Problem 1 no sound in passenger dash speaker

Problem 2 speaker popping at volume in drivers door speaker

1st up I though I would investigate the dash speaker maybe it's blown so I swapped the speakers over left to right and the problem didn't move as there was no sound with drivers speaker fitted in passenger side but there was sound with passenger speaker fitted in drivers side so great the speaker is fine... Now I'm thinking this is not an easy fix could it be the Amp? If so does anyone know where I can get it tested or repaired?

I'm reluctant to start looking at problem #2 now as that could be amp related also. All I want is a working system so I can upgrade to PCCM+

Any help appreciated

Is it 'Sound Package Plus'? Common problem on 9x7 as I found to my detriment. Turned out cheaper to send to the forum electrical engineer chap in Norway. Guessing 9x6 suffering too isn't a massive assumption.

For me I just had no door speakers running at all, sounded super tinny.
Not sure what the plus pack is I though it was a standard Bose system in all the c4s but some had PCM1 / PCM2 / Standard CD head units I think mine is the PCM2 double din sat nav
So you can see Bose speakers in the car? With the 9x7 era you had three main options.


I believe that was the same for the 9x6 designation. In fact, I ripped the Nokia Sound Package Plus out of my 986 and sold it on eBay.

It looks to me that if you have a sub, you're on Bose? I attach a picture of a similar SP amp that I took out of mine. Open your frunk and see what you have attached to the bulkhead, then determine what you have. Then speak to the Norwegian chap that's a site sponsor/friend.


  • 44053e23_62ef_48e3_b602_92fcc12614da_521.png
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Found it. It's a becket amp not bose


  • 5f4ad2b3_77ab_4cc7_8994_a1721005a3ae_137.jpeg
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Wow that sounds expensive are there any good uk based repair companies?

Has anyone tried these guys


Alternatively I recall there was an amp connector kit to allow you to swap the amp out and keep your existing speaker loom does anyone know where you can get them as I can't see them any more. I think they were connects2 but it's not on their website

Last resort would be a breaker but can't find that part number for less than £400 online at the moment and that would be an unknown quantity

Sounds like grief you don't need. So this Becker has the same connectivity issues as the Bose?

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