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Steering wobble at 60mph


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9 Sep 2007
not there at 50 and disappears again at 70. I was thinking wheel balancing but have also heard suspension components (top mounts etc) can be to blame...

Anyone had similar and cured? Cheers....
Had the exactly same with a badly balanced wheel, fine up to 60, then wobbley, then into the 70's fine again.

Mine too. It was only 10 grams out one side, but it made a hell of a wobble!
Does it always happen at that speed? If the solution is not wheel balance (do this first) you could check the track rod 'end'.
Thanks guys - yes always at 60mph and always gone by 70....
orangecurry said:
Does it always happen at that speed? If the solution is not wheel balance (do this first) you could check the track rod 'end'.

+1 Is it a vibration or more like a shimmy? Is it worse under braking?
Hmmmm....more of a shimmy I think.....doesn't happen at all under braking...
If it doesn't happen at all under braking then it's more likely to be wheel balance (and hence cheap to sort out :thumb:). When the track control arms were shot on my Beemer, the shakes were a lot worse under braking.
Thanks - I hope that is going to be a 'phew' after this week of painting and windscreens....
I found on the 993 under braking the track-rod-end 'loads' and there is no movement.

Otherwise the symptoms were a 'shimmy' but happened at random speeds in random situations, so for your issue, wheel-balance is still the favorite.

But checking the TRE is very easy - jack-up each side at the front in turn, and holding the road wheel at a quarter to three, move the front-wheel. If there's 5mm of 'movement', you probably need a new TRE on that side.
I had this...(the wobble that is).

It was a badly balanced wheel - only a few grms out though, took the garage 2 attempts to get the balance bang-on.

I did wonder if it is a hollow-spoke thing, as I have never before experienced wheels sooooo sensitive to balance???
Same problem initially - wheel balance sorted it out.

Good luck,

Hmmm, had them balanced (only a little out apparently) and roughly the same so may need to look at top mounts or TRE as per suggestions....cheers all!
Do you leave the car sitting for long periods? (as a lot of us do)

Could be flats on the tyres?
Thanks Dom but no, its an (almost) daily driver...

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