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Steering wheel problem and noisy fan

Paul Connor

New member
1 Sep 2004
New to this forum, and just wanted to ask for help and give advice too;

My new baby is a beautiful 89 3.2 SC. Other day noticed a sudden and alarming movement in steering wheel (up,down,sideways) - thought centre nut loose, but wasn't. Took to Autofarm, who removed wheel and saw problem immediately. The race bearing has a thin plastic washer inside, around the steering column. This had shredded - not uncommon, apparently and not immediately dangerous (although, as I say, rather un-nerving!). The "proper" way to deal with this is to remove whole assembly and renew bearing. Sheer bolts, the lot. 8 hours labour. Autofarm have found a way to replace the plastic washer with a metal sheath, tapped in without removing anything. Result: perfect and just 30mins labour!

Now to the problem: fresh air fan behing dash (activated only by aircon) squeaks. Damm annoying. Bought a new Bosch motor and replaced old one. Result: still sqeaks! Any ideas? (ps problem worse on 1st aircon speed setting and when bouncing about a bit - smooth and straight on setting 2 and fan is quiet'ish).

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Hi Paul. Welcome to the board. I have to admit I have no idea about your sqeak but just wanted to let you know that you have a "89 3.2 Carrera" not a "89 3.2 SC". You are a very lucky chap to have a great Porsche but you have to get the name right! :wink:

Hopefully someone else will have something more constructive to say!

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Yep. Of course you are right. An 89 Carrera 3.2 (coupe). Thanks. However, I'd argue the best thing about the car, is the car, not the name!! :oops:

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The fan motors behind the carpets at the side of the footwells have felt pads for oiling - dooes the one behind the dash?

Also on a different subject...

My 1988 3.2 ran a lot smoother with a new rotor arm and cleaned distributer cap terminals. It also stopped occasional misfires on startup after I changed all the bullet fuses.These fuses corrode over time and build up a resistance which reduces the voltage to the engine management system which can cause strange engine effects. New fuses are the cheapest tune up and preventative maintenance ever!

Great car.

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I have exactly the same problem with my aircon squeaking on my '89 3.2 - damn annoying and I have absolutely no idea how to fix it either ! Funnily enough I also had the same thing happen to my steering. I had mine fixed the 'proper' way as my mechanic was unwilling to do the shortcut - it was more like four hours labour though if I remember rightly.

Let me know if you find a solution for the squeak !


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Mine doesn't have air con but the fresh air fan did used to squeak. When the car was in at JZ at the beginning of the year having various bits and pieces done, the squeaking fan was on the list and they did fix it. So it is possible but unfortunately I have no idea what was done (or what it cost)!


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Thanks, guys. I am putting the car into Autofarm in a couple of weeks for 12K service, and will ask them to fix the squeak - so hopefully will have same result as SimonK - But I will ask what they did, so I'll let you know, Jamie!

Stevo - as I replaced the whole fan motor, I'm assuming that's not the issue - I must admit I did not notice the felt pads though. Note comments about fuses.

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