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steering noise help


27 Feb 2010
Hopefully I can get some good advice here - maybe deMort can help
car is 2008, 987.1, 2.7 Cayman with 96k
obviously same front suspension as a 997.1

2 coffin arms and 1 tuning fork replaced at 86k, 3 years ago - before me

I'm getting a noise from the passenger side when turning the wheel at around the 2pm/3pm - if I rock it back and forth around that area, I'm getting a kind of grinding/squeaking/creaking sound
My indue changed the tuning fork last week, thinking it was that - it wasn't!!!!
he now thinks its the inner track rod on that side - I do have a burst boot on the outer
I've no evidence of any track rods being replaced, or any drop links, ARB's or front shocks etc.
I'm reluctant to get my indie to replace the outer & inner rod in case its not that
dont have an issue with the money, but as he didn't get it right last time, I done want to waste more money
just wondering what your the opinion would be
also, as a DIY job, is it worth replacing all my drop links, front & rear ARB's, and both sides inner & outer rods?
many thanks in advance
I've done all my coffin arms, drop links, tuning forks and anti roll bar bushes on my driveway. I've just done my top mounts and front shocks. It can all be done as DIY on your drive.

My front left shock was leaking, CV boot split and front right drop link seized. The seized droplink wore my anti roll bar bush.

Anyway after doing all this I had a noise from the back!! Turned out when I had put the car on an axel stand it caused the rear stabiliser bars to move on there slots. !!!the bolt was loose.

Top mounts and anti roll bar bushes are quite common.

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