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squeeky window


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26 Aug 2004
When the sun has been hammering down on my little car, the driver's side window makes this horrible squeeky noise when either moved up or down. In the morning, no problem.

What causes it and how to solve this???

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is it a 996 if it is it`s the waist seal across the window . the door panel has to come off also the mirror to fit this seal

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Sid Spanner strikes again

Sid you are an asset to this forum :lol:

So what do you drive Sid?

And what would you like to drive max £80k spend


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Thats what mine did...until it got so stiff and squeekey that it broke the regulator...warranty job but £300 if your paying.

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hi guys gonna get a 911 at some point ,at the moment i drive a 924s le mans as my daily hack and i also have a 944s2 cab and a 944 turbo cab. i would like to get a 993 turbo if i had upto 80k spare

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Sid, apart from replacing this part, is there anything else I can do? It only happens on hot days and has only just started doing this.

Btw. what does this seal do?

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the hot weather has expanded this seal and made it a tight fit around the glass,the seal has a felt section which scrapes on the outside of the window that part usually goes brittle .apart from changing the seal there is not a lot you can do.will take about 1 hour to do.where are you based? if you need more info contact me

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Thanks ever so much Sid for all your help. Unfortunately, I am based oop North so best go see Hartech and the like.....

Cheers, Martin

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Well, no more need for the squeeky window fix.

Yesterday morning at 03.00 my house was broken in to and my keys to the car taken. 5 minutes later the car was found wrapped around a lamp post after a chase by an unmarked police vehicle. I have just had a look at it and it is in a bad state, according to the yard guy, it's a write off.

Police have been great and helpful, Insurance could have been better but it's all sorted now and waiting for the engineer to come out to assess.

17 year old scouser has been apprehanded and will appear in Wigan court today charged with theft and dangerous driving. According to the police vehicle, my C2 was doing 130 mph on a 30 max. road - he escaped unharmed!!

This has put me off buying another (my 6th) 911 so this is a sad day for me......

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Really sorry to hear about this Nitrous,

You dont even feel safe in your own home these days.

Where the hell are you suposed to keep your keys.

Hope everything gets sorted for you.



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*****, sorry to hear that Nitrous, don't let the
win by giving up on 911s.

Hope the Insurance goes smoothly for you and you are soon back on the road.

Most important thing is you and your family are safe..

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Shame the little tealeaf wasn't seriously hurt - damn those well made german cars.........

Hope it all works out ok.

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Bad day! We had a spate of that around our neck of the woods a few years ago. Thieves were putting a fishing rod through the letter box and lifting keys from hall stands and driving off in whatever was outside.

It got worse beacuse a neighbour had the house keys on the same car ring and whoever it was came into the house. Not nice for a woman and very young children on their own.

You can't do much if they break in to your home, but we don't leave keys in the hallway or in sight. When we are away, all keys are locked in key boxes, which can be tucked away somewhere.

As to stopping the break in, I'm told pir activated external lights go a long way to helping. They're relatively cheap and we fit them to all our new homes now.

Doesn't help with this tale of woe though.

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The best answer is a small (lap) dog and a big gun!!


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or a big dog and a small gun. :D

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