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spotting replica turbo alloys


New member
24 Oct 2006
Hi all,

How do you spot a replica 996 turbo alloy wheel then?

I've noticed that if I feel around the back of the spokes of my turbo wheels (e.g. when cleaning) the spokes are constructed differently on some corners - i'm assuming that some are replicas, but which ones!! ?

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pretty sure behind the spoke they should have a 996 XXX XXX style part number,and normally replicas weigh more

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the inside of rear ones are Hollow, i.e. called hollow spokes

I've got pics somewhere so will try and find 'em !

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All genuine Porsche rims will have
996 XXX XXX, 993 XXX XXX.

Hollow Turbo twists, mk1 or mk2 (approx 25% ligther) are easy to spot, they will always have a s/steel racing valve and if you run your hand around the back of the spokes they will feel solid.

Turbo look twists, mk1 or mk2 will look the same however they will have rubber valves and the rear of the spokes will have two flutes running from the center to the rim.

GT2's have 12" wide rims, for some reason Porsche fitted the early 2's with turbo look rims and not hollow rims.

Hope this helps.

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They look like a solid spoke wheel to me.

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The rear side would be smooth if they were hollow spokes, i.e. they would not have the two grooves.

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