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Sports suspension option for 997 C4S ??


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24 Oct 2005
Just wanted some advice from the 'experts' on here regarding the lowered suspension option on a 997 C4S.

As I understand it, this incorporates:

- 20mm lowered suspension

- Stiffened springs and anti-roll bars

- Multi-plate limited slip differential

Presumably the key advantages are:

- More sporty handling for better track day performance

- Car looks better/meaner sitting lower ?

Disadvantages are:

- Stiffer, so less comfortable in general use

- Less ground clearance (could be important for accessing my drive!)

My view is that as I have no intention of tracking the car, and don't claim to be Walter Rohrl behind the wheel, then this is an option I can do without.

Anyone here have any other thoughts (or can at least confirm I've made the right choice ?)



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Hi Mate

I wouldn't bother with the sports suspension, depends on what car you are driving now but I think you will find the ride sporty enough. A friend of mine has a 996 with the sports suspension - he preferred the ride in my 2003 996 C2. On my 997 I have the 19 Carrera S alloys - quite low profile, together with a sports suspension I have been warned the ride is quite harsh. I have heard amazing things about H & R actually - might be worth having a look at their products once you get delivery. Have you ordered it already? What colour and options did you go for?

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Unless you really need it stick with the PASM suspension, the 997 is already the slowest car over speed bumps and driveways, and find that it's difficult to avoid scraping the nose unless you really crawl (worse than a 996).

However setting the suspension to sport mode does reduce some of the pitching but then you feel the bump more.....

Agree that if you're a track day enthusiast then the -20mm will be a tad quicker, but no difference on road.

Also I think that the soft setting is better on wet/greasy roads as you get more traction - anyone concur with this theory??

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I have PASM standard on my 997 C2S and I love it. I leave it in soft mode all the time. Especially in these wet conditions. I was told that firmer suspension means less traction in the wet and more chance of aquaplaning. Anyway PASM apparantly makes the car 10 mm lower than a standard 997. I still scrape the front lip oocasionally when entering driveways etc. I also had a scrape a couple of weeks back crossing a junction at some speed where the camber of the a road i was crossing made me take off and crash down with a slight thump.

The clever bit for me is that the car constantly monitors what's going on and adjusts the dampers accordingly. So for me if it is for road use then I would go for the active suspension set up every time.

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