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Sports Exhaust Options

10 Mar 2007
Still toying with the idea of 200 cell inserts or just replacing the system with a sports cat option

Has anyone installed the fabspeed x sports cat system if so was their a significant increase in noise with the modified RSR's

I intend to do a lot more track days this year and dont want a system thats going to cause noise issues...or end up being too boomy inside..

other option is a 100cel from rose passion

I think Endoman has the Fabspeed 200 cell X Pipe. :thumb:

I've heard RSR's & Cargraphics in person and both sound great, not too loud but certainly more purposeful, however I fancied a little more sound and went the Fister route. Had level 3's on my previous C2S and now on my current C2. No drone at all however they are loud with some lovely pops and bangs on the overrun. :bandit:

Indeed I am using the Fabspeed x-pipes. Without cats it was a bit too loud.
Cats and Fabspeed cans, ok but the note sounded more muscle V8 than flat 6.
With my own modified cans just right to my ear (Goldylocks).
They are something like RSRs, flat 6 note, raspy on overrun and quiet for pottering but great on wot.
thanks for the replies.. Endoman is yours now running the fabspeed's with the RSR cans or hollomby bypass mod ?
Also was their any significant HP gain with the X pipe ? thx
Fabspeed x-pipes with cats and my own version of RSRs. I had them done locally to my own design. They were cut open, altered internally to reduce backpressure and repacked. This is what they look like opened up. The balance pipe affects noise and note, the baffle helps prevent drone. A lot of aftermarket cans omit the baffle and balance pipe and run a perforated pipe all through with sound deading packing.
The straight perforated pipe in the pic (std can) is sealed at the end so exhaust gases flow through the balance pipe and the perforations in the short stub. My mod was to cut the blanked end at an angle to remove the restriction. (circumcised) Motorsound and perhaps RS ones have a bigger diameter balance pipe. Turbo cans are quite different internally. Fabspeed cans run a perforated pipe all through and the pipes are bigger bore than std.
It's a mucky job and the guy who did it said never again.
Photo from Rennlist.
I never did a before and after regarding power but after adding a Vram inlet the car gave 306 bhp when Wayne did the remap. I would say the exhaust contributed a bit but not as much as much as they claim. The car is 300lbs lighter than std and has LWF, it's quick.


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Thanks Endoman for the detailed response i'm running RSR cans so with the fabspeed xpipe expect to see at least 10hp gain although they claim 16WHP.
Other advantage is its lighter than the original :thumb:
Mine has also gone on a extensive weight loss taking out the hardbacks made a huge differnce.
Interested in this, ive been looking for years.
My 993 sounded great with a Dansk de cat, but I couldn't get on many tracks, so ended up with the standard cat back on.
Ive got reasonably fresh back boxes on now...would be very interested in the Rose passion 100cell cat kit @ £1250 wonder how loud the car would be then...with standard boxes???
Give them a call they have been very helpful in the past, I use them a lot.
Some speak very good English if needed. It will be louder but no idea how much. 911s struggle at some circuits to pass noise testing, 944 no problem.
There are several temporary ways to solve it some more elegant than others.
I can vouch for how good RSRs plus cargraphic 100 cell cats sound as I have that combo. I did import a new set of Fister IIIs just before lockdown but my wife found them too loud (with the sports cats) so I am back to running the RSRs/ 100 cell cats combo.

PM me if you would like to buy the Fisters. I did maybe 30 miles with them so they are pretty much good as new. They have heat shields on them and are in the standard silver painted finish. I'll be looking for £800 plus shipping which is a bargain compared to sourcing a set of silencers, shipping them to Fister in California, getting them converted and shipping them to the UK. I am based in Gerrards Cross, ten minutes from the M25/M40 intersection.

I'll add a listing in the for sale section and probably on ebay when I get a chance.
looking at the rose passion option they look identical to the DANSK offering. A company I would rather avoid to to other people on this forum commenting that they are too boomey

Caveman , The cargraphics would be my first choice would love to hear your setup before pulling the trigger.. looks like your only 20mins from me
Hi Surinder,

Love the colour of your car! Have you met Chet and his Blood Orange 993? He is nearby to me in Denham.

I saw your PM and very happy to give you a demo.


:D we've met!


On the topic of sports exhausts options, take a look at SCART:


They have a few videos for the 993 - all sound fantastic :).
Thanks Chet great picture that meet was almost a year ago.. David sent you a PM . I have contacted PARR who can source the cargraphic x pipe the SCART option also sounds damn good.. decisions :dont know:
Nick (nickjonesn4) has the SCART option fitted to his 2S. Might be worth a PM for real world experience. :thumb:

will do having listened to the SCART it seems more like the sound i'm after ie, high end rasp like a capristo rather than a v8 type burble.

The SCART are also in stock..

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