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Split coolant tank?


20 Oct 2013
Hi all,

Arriving home last night after a slightly spirited drive I backed the car into the garage. When I got out I could hear an unusual noise.
On inspection from the rear I have fluid dripping onto the floor (not loads but enough) and also onto the exhaust (instantly evaporating and causing the noise).
Fluid is pink so looks like coolant and the leak is coming from the near side.

Whilst I can't see exactly where it is coming from it looks a lot like the coolant tank is the likely culprit - is there anything else I should be looking for?

Leak is a drip and stopped after a short while (as fluid cools down?).

Tank is now slightly below minimum.

I prefer to diy if I can so I'm thinking just order a new tank and start pulling apart.
Any advice?
Thanks in advance.
Whist it may well be the coolant tank i would make sure first .. the rad cap seal can leak .. this will go into the overflow pipe and drip where you have said .

There are coolant pipes that again can possibly leak in that area .

The tank itself .. it's a 2 part design sealed along the center seam .. if the coolant level is below the seam then it wont leak .. loose pressure yes but it wont leak .

I've not changed this model tank in a long time but off hand i don't think you need to drop the engine or anything to replace it .

Confirm first though please as it might just be the cap .

I actually have this kit at work as a backup , although it was £30 when i bought it .. it will pressurise the system well enough to find the leak ..



I've just found and checked the instructions .. you do need to drop the engine .. i can email instructions if you wish for tank replacement .
Thanks Ian, super helpful as ever!
I had a good look at the tank last night and i think I would have noticed if there was fluid around the cap - I also removed it.
From memory the overflow hose pokes out in the wheel arch and the leak was more towards the centre of the car - manifold area I would say.

I have some instructions for the tank replacement- sounds like I need to do some more investigations before I start any work!
Thanks for the eBay link - looks like a good tool.
Quick update on this. I bought one of the system pressure kits and found no leaks...
Replaced the original cap, test drove the car - and still found no leaks!

I guess it might be possible that in removing the cap and reseating it any issue with the seal has been rectified - for now.

A new cap has been ordered.

Ian - you are quite right - the location of the overflow hose does make the cap suspect no1 I think.
I'll replace the cap and keep an eye on it.
Thanks for the advice once again.
...one more thing to add...check that all of the small nuts on the top of the tank are tight...I had a tiny weep and nipped them up and all was well...3 years ago and no issues since :thumbs:
Quick update. New cap fitted and I took the car to work today.
Got home and sure enough a steady drip on the garage floor - issue has got worse I would say.
On closer inspection it looks it may well be coming from the tank, or possibly still a hose.
The inlet manifold looks quite wet - like it is spraying across, the tank level sensor also looks to be wet (right opposite the inlet manifold) but there is a hose mounting point directly above this on the tank that also looks wet - that is the highest point I can see signs of moisture.

Car is going to my local Saturday for some undersealing so I'm going to get him to have a proper look.

Looks like a lot of coolant has been lost but the tank doesn't look too low - so it looks worse than it is BUT clearly it needs sorting!
Thats a dam shame ..

If the coolant is below the seam you won't get that much of a leak .. lack of pressure yes but not a lot of coolant coming out .

Pipe is possible and it can be either .. im guessing its temp related and leaking when it gets hot as it was ok on a pressure test .

I'm guessing tank now though from the area of the leak and temp related :(

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